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Unadulterated Real Life: The Ten Best Editorial Photographs at the 2020 BIFA

August 6, 2021

Sometimes, the only way to get connected to the word outside our own, is through the lens of a storyteller's camera. To be better informed about what is happening around us, we compiled the ten best editorial photographs at the 2020 BIFA. 

Coal Survivors - Alain Schroeder

If we go on trip to Toretsk, eastern Ukraine, we will soon learn about the abundant coal mines located there. Since 1990 in this region, the mines have closed down one after the other, but the Centralna Mine still remains. It is the deepest mine at 1124 meters, but there is severe structural damage and needs to be repaired. Since February 2020, miners have not been paid. 


The Lonely Prom - Kelly Ryerson

A photo series taken for a floral-fashion magazine in the United Kingdom, Lonely Prom resonates with us after the lockdowns sweeping through the world. 

Last Water - Vito Finocchiaro

Clean drinking water is a luxury many of us take advantage - the impending change due to global warming are already seen in Kenya. Dead animals due to dryness, villages without a water source is just a reality people living there are froced to face on a daily basis. 

Hecho en Barrio - Jean-Felix Fayolle

Translating to Made in the Neighborhood, this photo series shows the lives of young people in the areas of Mexico where poverty is forcing them into gangs and criminal activity. Due to this, people are mourning their deaths (almost 35000 for 2019) while the government is unable to deal with these very powerful crime organizations.

Grandfather. So close, so far - Unai Beroiz

One of the countries that has been hit the hardest by the Corona virus, Spain entered lockdowns early on in 2020. The photographer went to visit his grandfather in Pamplona in the countryside, where a lot of the elderly retreated from the cities for fear of contagion. 

David: Raised In Belgium,facing Removal to The Drc - Alessia Capasso

A heartbreaking story: David (which is not his real name) spent his whole life in Brussels, governed by laws that make him an asylum seeker. He is in danger of being deported back to the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo). His father refused him because he is homosexual and he now lives with three other gay refuge seekers. 

Behind The Bars - Story of an Elephant Surgery - Adrienn Vincze

The photographer ventured into the world of animals in captivity to show how hard a vet works in zoos to keep the animals healthy. The tusk of the animals had to be removed due to a disorder. 

Hong Kong Protests - Dominic Chiu

Since June 2019, anti-government demonstrations are ongoing due to a bill that would have allowed extraditions to mainland China. The protests, violent and filled with despair, were documented by the photographer. 

Abandoned Elderly - Fragile Humans - Michele Zousmer

Many of the elderly in Romania and Bulgaria live in old post communist farm communities. They spend their days collecting wild mushrooms and berries from the woods, while taking care of those few animals they have. Neighbours help each other, but the community is ultimately alone and living in poverty. 

Balfour - Jorge Novominsky

When the Corona virus was raging in the country, thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the Prime Minister's Official Residence on Balfour street in Jerusalem every week to protest against corruption and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's continued governance. Protesters dressed up in colorful clothes and sang "Let the sunshine in" and give flowers to the police, similar to past hippie demonstrations.