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Silver 2020 Editorial / Environmental

Last Water

  • Photographer
    Vito Finocchiaro
  • Agency / Studio
    Vito Finocchiaro
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / Environmental

Climate change has been identified as a risk factor for human rights and is a drama that is pushing many ethnicities to the brink of an abyss and they risk disappearing forever. The connection between climate change and human rights is paying increasing attention to the unequal effects that are occurring in various areas of the world. Countries with tropical and subtropical climates, such as Africa, are expected to be the most affected and devastated.Thousands of dead animals emerge from the arid sands of what were once pastures and rivers. Turkana County, Kenya, is a tangible example.

Vito Finocchiaro, born in Mascali (Sicily) in 1965, is a freelance photographer and winner of national and international Awards. From 1984 to today his photography is a continuous growth, research and comparison with photographers of the national and international panorama. His demo-ethno-anthropological researches have allowed him to live and tell about Continents and Peoples of which he has documented the most extreme suburbs such as China, Cuba, Peru, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda.