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Showcase of Award-winning Hungarian Photographers

Budapest International Foto Awards and his founder, Mr Hossein Farman, a Philanthropist, art collector, educator, photographer, curator and entrepreneur presented the most outstanding Hungarian creations of the photo competitions organized by Farmani Group.

Exhibiting photographers: Balazs Csizik, Tamas Dezso, Eszter Herczeg, Tibor Kercz, István Kerekes, Ferenc Ifj. Loricz, Bence Mate, Andrea Paolini Merlo, Simon Moricz-Sabjan, Fulop Schmal, Sandor Csortos Szabo, Csaba Tokolyi, Adrienn Vincze.

For the first time, Hossein Farmani announced the Budapest International Photo Awards (BIFA). The winning entries will be presented at a large-scale exhibition in several venues in November 2019.

The exhibition took place at Fest;Tisztit Gallery, from the 17th to the 23rd of April 2019.



How to enter the fine art photography market?

Mai Mano House hosted the presentation held by Mr. Hossein Farmani, founder and president of the Lucie Awards and Lucie Foundation in New York City, International Design Awards, Px3 Paris Photography Prize and more…

Mr. Farmani gave a talk on the collection of the Farmani Fine Art Photography as wellas the aspects of collecting photographic art and how to market fine art prints on front of an attentive group of over 70 photographers, Gallery owners and photography enthusiasts.

Hossein also introduced two projects within the Farmani Group, IPA (International Photography Awards and BIFA (Budapest International Photography Awards).

Lecture at Mai Mano House, Budapest on Wednesday May 17, 2019.