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Breathtaking Student Photographers at Budapest International Foto Awards 2020

June 24, 2021

BIFA was created not only for those photographers who make their primary income from capturing magical shots, but also to provide students and amateurs with a platform to showcase their immense talents and get feedback from industry professionals. Here are the ten most breathtaking student photographers at Budapest International Foto Awards 2020. If you are in Budapest and would like to view our exhibition of BIFA 2020 winners, please contact us for an appointment! The exhibition will be live from 1st July 2021 to the 14th of July. 

Mirror, Mirror... Who are you? - Nuria Pérez

Our self-appreciation and reflection, it always depends how we see ourselves and others in the mirror. But who are we, really? This is the existential question raised through this image.

Equivalents - Katherine Young

A way to refocus our attention to the historical landmarks in London and to forget the busy elements that draw our attention away from them, the photographer shone the spotlight onto these architectural wonders so we can appreciate them more. 

She - Kaja Tasevska

Often due to judgements and bullying, people are afraid to show their bodies and remain hidden in large T-shirts and hoodies. This photo series symbolizes the isolation and anxiety caused by body-shaming in people who are beautiful - being different should not be something to be shameful of. 

Snaky Road - Manfred Zobrist

Maloja, Switzerland - an unforgettable moment of serenity of a curvy road in the mountains.

Who is There? - Alexej Sachov

Macro photography series of the creatures in the deep, taken underwater in the waters of Egypt and Indonesia. 

The Song of the Meadow Flowers - Adrienn Vincze

The song of life, death and colours is represented in this image taken on a meadow, showing the intricacies of nature. 

Underwater Wedding - Chin-Fa Tzeng

A pure and translucent pool encapsulates the bride in her white dress. The image series symbolizes the followings in marriage: the water is life, while the white dress is equivalent of purity and loyalty. The flowers in the water are the representations of happiness. 

Row of Eight - Don Hooper

South Gloucestershire, in the Southwest of England: these rows of trees align perfectly next to each other, symmetric and pristine. 

Flesh and the Everydayness - Meng-Han Hsu

A mixture of paintings and photography, is the way the artist best communicates with the world. Through this form of expression can the photographer really understand. 

El Nino - Marco Marcone

Cuba, La Habana, November. Generations supporting each other in Cuba represented in this photo: a child staying in a facility for the elderly to keep them company is.