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What Is Forgotten

Embracing the Splendor of Honorable Mentions at BIFA 2022

May 17, 2023

In the realm of photography, recognition extends beyond the winners alone. It is crucial to honor the awe-inspiring Honorable Mentions that have graced the prestigious bIFA 2022. These exceptional photographs have enthralled the judges with their beauty, creativity, and storytelling prowess. Join us as we pay tribute to the magnificent Honorable Mentions at bIFA 2022, highlighting the remarkable talents that have left an indelible impression on the world of photography.


Dimension - Tong Fu

There could be a conceptual link between the universe and life. Trying to build some really abstract relationships in Tong Fu's design. He chooses to utilise art to improve this relationship rather than science since he believes it will be more diverse, unique, and unrestricted.


Summer With The Eagle Hunters In Western Mongolia - Anja Bruehling

The Kazakh people have fostered their nomadic lifestyle for generations deep in the Altai Mountains, where Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia converge. Many Kazakhs left Kazakhstan during the communist era for Mongolia in order to maintain their nomadic lifestyle and avoid being forced to work on collective farms. They relocated to the Bayan-Olgii Province and maintained their customs there. There are said to be 250 eagle hunters left in the region today. Family get-togethers, sheep shearing, horse racing, and wrestling are all common summertime activities.


Summer With The Eagle Hunters In Western Mongolia
What Is Forgotten

What Is Forgotten - Kichul Shin

Every Korean has been impacted by the Korean War, either directly or indirectly. Grandmother of the photographer was born and reared in North Korea's current capital, Pyongyang. She witnessed the communists dragging her father away from my family firsthand. It was her final encounter with him. Grandmother just once mentioned that tale. The photographer was astonished to learn that the Korean War is known as the Forgotten War years later. He was guided by these inquiries along the west-to-east frontier. My responses there evolved into a photography trip that was inspired by the individuals and objects left behind in the wake of the forgotten.

The Cost of Freedom - Sefa Eyol

After the Russian onslaught on Andriivka, Ukraine, Sergey, 62. He arrived home to see it entirely wrecked. Sergey constructed his home using money he had earned over the years while working as a liquidator in Chernobyl. 3 years ago, Sergey's wife passed away from cancer. He waits for assistance from the Ukrainian government while residing in his car with a few possessions he brought with him. - ''The thing that bothers me the most is that I lost all my memories from my wife,'' says Sergey. ''I came to recover some of her stuff and our photographs, but everything was destroyed.

The Cost of Freedom
Dream Circus

Dream Circus - Juan Pablo Vivanco Viniegra

Submission of the dream circus. The textures and aesthetics of our dreams are explored in this surrealist work. In this vibrant set of pictures, a little child imagines going to the circus with his mother and seeing all the performances. These images are pictures of the creative people that reside and work in this wonderful location. After the photographer's elder brother went away, he began to dream about him. On his birthday, they go to the circus every year, and they have a great time. This picture collection shows the things he has witnessed year after year.

Ode to Freedom - Alexandra Martinez

Many different species may be found in the Camargue. Nearly everyone is familiar with the Camargue's iconic flamingos, black bulls, and white horses. Although they are not entirely wild horses, they live a lifestyle that is extremely akin to the animal kingdom. The Camargue horses are a tribute to freedom in the photographer's eyes. She is highly impressed by his strength and joie de vivre.


Ode to Freedom
Back to The 70S

Back to The 70S - Stephane Navailles

Clean lines and soft curves, with a neutral color palette in design, as well as the minimalist approach to modernism in architecture. The 70's are always in the corner of our minds when it comes to interior architecture and design. These landmark years have succeeded, because it's as if we were questioning them with each new idea or project in order to make the best of what they brought us. With this picture let's remember those "crazy" years.

Beautiful Dream - Mei Hua Cheng

Mei Hua Cheng, the photographer, used to fantasise that she would grow up to be a large girl. She does, however, fantasise of going back to being a young girl after she has grown up. She longs for the days when she was stress-free.


Beautiful Dream
Jumping In Ice Cream

Jumping In Ice Cream - Devin DePamphilis

Many people find immense comfort in everyday items that evoke happy memories from their past, particularly from their youth. To connect with your inner kid, you had to look past the obvious food in this picture. This image shows a minimalistic use of ice cream, digital macro photography, and small figurines. The objective is to demonstrate how these well-known items can be entertaining, exhilarating, and thought-provoking. With the intention of making you smile, the photographer's macro photography depicts commonplace stuff in a playful and captivating way.


Sunset Colorful Clouds Sea - Minglun Tsai

The movement of the colorful clouds in the sunset flows softly, layer by layer. In Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County. Single exposure, no stacking. F9,128S,ISO 50

Sunset Colorful Clouds Sea

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