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“Summertime” on 2021 BIFA Winner Photos

July 20, 2022

In this compilation, we wish to capture the delightful spirit of summer through the stunning images of the 2021 BIFA winners. The chosen images evoke feelings of enthusiasm and vibrancy, which is why they make us think of the summertime. Hopefully, they'll give you the same impression!

The Presence of An Absence

The Presence of An Absence - Francesco Pace-Rizzi

The ephemeral geometries of the shadows, sometimes complex, sometimes simple, have always had a very special allure and attraction; the protagonists of the scene are the shadows, able to liberate the imagination, creating surreal and impalpable images, made of "darkness" of absence with a suggestive effect of visual ambiguity: the subject is outside the frame but yet it is inside the scene!

Water Dance - Chin-Fa Tzeng

The dancers dove into the water while dancing elegantly while donning stunning dance attire. Through the unique cut-out glass windows on the pool wall, the photographer is able to capture the joy of the dance. Use AFC focus and high-speed continuous photography to catch the lovely figure and the lovely tale of the dance in the water at the meeting point of light and darkness in a moment.

women underwater
boys playing basketball on the beach

Street In The Ocean - Vladimir Karamazov

Small fishing community in the Philippines where young people play basketball after fishing on the lone roadway.

Bristol - Rosetta Bonatti

Colorful houses in Bristol, UK


colorful houses in bristol
fishermen on the sea at night

Leg-Rowing Fisherman_Ii - Win Tun Naing

A freshwater lake called Inle Lake (Burmese) is located in Myanmar's Shan State's Nyaungshwe Township in Taunggyi District (Burma). The iconic image of Myanmar's Inle Lake is a leg-rowing fisherman. Leg-rowing is essentially an Intha traditional method of fishing. The leg-rowing technique is still used by traditional fishermen, who stand at the stern and grab the boat's hull with one foot while wrapping the other leg around an oar. The fisherman will use conical-shaped nets that they submerge in the lake to catch a limited number of carp.

Covid Summer - Mirko La Martina

The photographer intended for summer 2020 (in Sardinia) to be the first summer when Covid 19, the virus that has brought the world to its knees, had to be dealt with. Because there was a chance that the second wave may occur, it had to be the summer of caution and distance. Sadly, such was not the case. Despite the staggering number of fatalities and the graphic pictures broadcast on television, the initial caution was gradually replaced by a longing for freedom, which eventually led to complete disregard for the law. Today, the infection appears to be spreading.

empty beach
woman harvesting fruits

Drying Dried Persimmons - Yu Ling Ho

The persimmon harvest season occurs every fall. Women in rural areas are hard at work gathering and turning leftovers into dry cakes. The photographs demonstrate the women's attitude of perseverance through trials and hard effort.

Ride The Wind and The Waves - Li,Po-Yi

The term "SUP" has gained a lot of popularity recently. The photographer was photographed during a vacation to Lanyu, Taiwan, where he just fell in love with, under the direction of experienced trainers, regardless of who can ride the SUP stand-up sailboat on the sea in a sophisticated and graceful style.

SUPs on the sea
maldives beach

Maldives In Color. - Evgenii Domanov

Typically, MALDIVES are photographed in bright, rich hues. The photographer had the good fortune to witness and capture these islands in subdued, pastel hues.
In 1977, Evgeny Domanov was born in Russia. When he was 7 years old, he first took up a camera, and he hasn't put it down since. He works in a variety of genres and shoots international photo projects. In 2020, he photographed numerous successful picture projects in nations including Japan, Russia, the Maldives, and Cuba, which helped him win international photo prizes. He photographs seascapes, minimalism, and architecture.

Surfing The White Water @ Huntington Beach - Daniel Åström

31 October 2016. Unknown surfer near the municipal pier in Huntington Beach, California, USA (unable to get his name)
former professional sports photographer with distinctions abroad. (Previously Daniel Malmberg.) The 2018 Fifa World Cup is among them, a contributor to Getty Sports. Publication on a global scale. By publications like Sports Illustrated, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and The Sun, as well as television networks like ESPN, BBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox Sports, among many others.

black&white photo of a surfer

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