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Payal Kakkar

Budapest International Foto Awards 2022: Astonishing Student Photographers

February 15, 2023

BIFA was created not only for those professional photographers who make their primary income from capturing magical shots, but also to provide students and amateurs with a platform to showcase their immense talents and get feedback from industry professionals. In this compilation, you can find ten of the most breathtaking student photographers at the Budapest International Foto Awards 2022.


skyscraper by the sea

Mirage - Katherine Young

"My first visit to the futuristic city of Dubai allowed me to appreciate its incredible skyscraper dominated skyline. In this image, I used subtle colour processing and mirrored my photograph to create a sense of heat induced confusion."

Katherine Young is an avid fine art amateur photographer.Although Katherine has always been interested in photography, she has only begun to take her pastime seriously in the past four years. Black-and-white photography is Katherine's true love since she believes that these photos have a dreamlike and timeless character that has a profound effect on the spectator. Without color to detract from the subject, the image is more aesthetically pleasing and shows the subject's true character.


Children of Landfills of Delhi, India - Payal Kakkar

Photograph of children working as migrant waste-pickers who showed photographer Payal Kakkar their way up the burning landfill. Children of untitled migrants lose their childhood to the landfill because they spend it chasing shattered glass bottles down the rubbish mountain and learning to pick out plastics with a high resale value at a young age. Due to a severe heat wave that caused temperatures to rise to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, the Bhalaswa landfill in Delhi has been intermittently burning for three months. The image emphasizes the need for immediate climate action as well as the negative association that waste pickers have with landfills.


two Indian children standing in front of the burning landfield
rowers from above in black and white

Teamwork - Peter Zarkob

The photographer, Peter Zarkob, routinely goes across a bridge from which this picture was taken. The dramatic contrast of the image, the movement, and the geometry of the rowers' scenario constantly drew his eye. Additionally, this sporting activity enables him to record special moments that exemplify the principles of sport: effort, resilience, and tenacity.

As a publicist, Zarkob specialized in developing corporate branding guides and logos using straightforward geometric shapes. His work, which is currently centered on minimalist photography, aims to elicit a strong visual impact that draws the viewer in, holds their interest, transports them to unusual settings, makes them an accomplice of my thoughts and feelings, and envelops them in a setting that shifts from the figurative to the abstract.


Hireth - Judith Bach

Hireth, a Cornish term, refers to a longing for something that has passed away or a desire to return to a place and a time that are no longer present. Many of the photographs in Judith Bach's late parents' collection were taken in the areas surrounding the sleepy coastal village of Marazion. It is where her father was born, and in 1945, when her mother was nineteen, he returned there for the first time. Now that they no longer live there, Bach goes back on her own to the same desolate locations they previously called home.


seaside town
jellyfish in a fish's company

Yellyfish With Bodyguard - Ferenc Lorincz

Ferenc Lorincz is an architectural engineer, amateur photographer, he shoots with NIKON DSLR cameras. His profession and his vocation is basically architectural photography, i.e. the two-dimensional photography of three-dimensional spaces. Lorincz's favourite subjects within Architectural Photography are interiors, night and long exposure photography. In addition to all of these he also enjoys photographing animals and people and landscapes.


Blue-Eyed Princess - Lucia Drietomská

Lucia Drietomská, the photographer, and her friends finally got together during Easter after the covid. They came across a lone white tree in the center of the city while leaving one photo shoot. She put on the brake and sped up to the tree because they hadn't had any snow that year and she wanted to photograph her friend's border collie dressed in white. It was impossible to resist the snapshot of the merle collie girl with blue eyes and white flowers, and so this enchanted image was produced. Sony Alpha A1 + Sony FE 135mm f/1,8 GM (F/1.8, 1/800s, ISO-320) was used to take the picture.


dog in between flowers
a girl between loads of masks

A Thousand Masks - Rudy Oei

Rudy Oei was born in Indonesia's Riau province in Tarempa. He has dedicated the last few years of his life to photography out of enthusiasm. Oei appreciates a variety of photographic styles, but his favorite is black and white photography. In the field of light recording, he has won numerous honors, including: - AGORA (black and white 2021 Hero) - 35 awards (100 best photos) - TIFA (gold winner) (gold winner) - 2020 Monochrome Photography Awards - (Asia & Leica Master Shot) (1st prize in professional landscapes category) The 2021 Malta International Photo Award (top 5).


Raspberries (Food-Id) - Mxprivé

"The taste is in the foreground and the product is the star". This is a common (top) chef tenet that also sums up the views of many foodies and restaurant reviewers. Mxprivé's attempt to address this credo from the standpoint and with the tools of a photographer is FOOD-iD. He concentrates on the colors and textures that give each product its unique identity because taste cannot be seen. Converging or contrasting colors and textures are supported or accompanied by the set-up.


raspberries in a black bowl
black and white photo of a kid's shadow

White Versus Black - Marc Apers

The emphasis is on shapes and structures, light and dark, sun and shade, and everything is in black and white. Deep interpersonal connections and a constant, intense gaze at the changing surroundings are the sources of Marc Apers' images. He chooses the setting, how he experiences it, and the emotion that will appear in the final photograph. Apers inevitably alter the environment's and emotions' complexity to varying degrees, for example by creating a solid geometric structure and upholding thoughtful symmetry.


Veins - Nico Valsangiacomo

Nico Valsangiacomo discovered a little, somewhat obscured river with a vivid crimson hue while trekking in the Swiss Alps. He went to look right away, and sure enough, the river was red. However, the river's bottom, which was coated with red algae, provided the color, not the perfectly translucent water, which gave the sight its striking and unsettling qualities. After taking a few shots with the camera, he considered how the scene would look from above. He then got my drone out of my backpack and started taking pictures with it.

red colored river from above

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