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Gold 2022 Fine Art / Collage


  • Photographer
    Judith Bach
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Collage

Hireth is a Cornish word that translates as a yearning for something now gone, an ache to go back to a place and a time that no longer exists. Amongst my late parents’ collection are a selection of snapshots all taken in the areas that surround the small seaside town of Marazion. It is where my dad originated from and in 1945 he took my nineteen year old mum back to his birthplace for the very first time. I return on my own now to the same places they once inhabited, empty spaces now devoid of their presence.

I am a Worcestershire based photographer with an interest in the preservation of photographic archives and their use in an artistic practice. We only see snippets of information when viewing any photograph, there is always a gap between what we see and what we truly know. This break in time is what makes snapshots unequalled; my interventions allow alternative and new dialogues to be imagined.