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Sea Turtle by Fei Xie

Nature Photography Through the Lens of BIFA Winners

March 25, 2024

Nature photography can be one of the most awe inspiring and beautiful genres of photography. As one of the most competitive photography competitions, the BIFA nature category winning photos comprise some of the most boundary breaking and picturesque images of nature. Nature photography does not have to be just animals or landscapes. As proven by the BIFA winners, nature photography can show us more about the world and how we as humans live in it. Let us see how we can change the world by showing it with our cameras. 

Horses Running At Sunset by Shirley Wung

The first place winning image for professional nature photography by Shirley Wung shows the horses of Mongolia. By showing people riding along side, Wung exemplifies people's reliance on the nature world.

The Gaze of The Whale by Wen Hua Chen

This image by Wen Hua Cheng received the second place prize for professional nature photography. The serene and quiet image shows not only the beauty of the whale, but the size and grace. The whale floats alone, massive and zen amongst the dark depths of the sea. 

Underwater Kaleidoscope by Iryna Vozniak

By student photographer Iryna Vozniak, this image of a jellyfish reveals the secrets hidden in the depths. The vivid and colorful images show the contrast between the dark deep sea and the beautiful and shining life that it hides. 

Revelation by Gabriel Jakab

Featuring the mountains and lush scenery of the High Tatra mountain range in Slovakia, Gabriel Jakab pushes the boundaries of landscape photography. Jakab uses shadow and fog to obscure the natural formations and create a new and interesting composition. Rather than being welcoming and shining, the scene is dark and brooding.

Veins of the Earth by Robert Bilos

Robert Bilos has captured the run off water that helps to transport vital nutrients into the ecosystem. The bright green water runs like veins down the mountain and spreads life across the arid wasteland.

Flock of Sheep by Serkan Dogus

Flock of Sheep by Serkan Dogus displays the sometimes difficult relationship between humans and animals. The strong contrast in the editing also helps to show the contrast between the sheep and their herder. Taken in Bitlis, Turkey, Dogus shows the less attractive side of nature.

Super Hero by Niki Colemont

In this comical and exciting piece, Colemont was able to capture a red squirrel mid jump. With walnut in mouth, the squirrel leaps like a super hero with arms outstretched. Her image displays the often unusual and otherworldly aspects that are so common in our world.

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