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2nd Place 2023 Nature

The Gaze of The Whale

  • Photographer
    Wen Hua Chen
  • Agency / Studio
    Zola Studio
  • Prize
    2nd Place in Nature

Within the pupils lie oceans vast and deep, Reflecting this planet's sapphire hue. In them, tiny beings, as grains of sand they keep, Watching, lingering in awe of you. Long one may gaze, yet loathe to part, From those fathomless depths of the eye, For they hold within a world apart, Of grandeur and mystery nigh.

I am Zola Chen, a photographer specializing in marine ecosystems. I previously worked as a multimedia designer. I learned diving and free-diving in 2010. Since then, I have been going underwater with my camera to capture wonderful ecosystems beneath the sea surface and also the diversified culture and customs on land. I have been continuously recording images of marine ecosystems whereever I go.