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Gold 2023 Nature / Aerial

Veins of The Earth

  • Photographer
    Robert Bilos
  • Agency / Studio
    Robert Bilos Photography
  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Aerial

The rivers of Iceland run from the glaciers to the oceans, creating paths across the volcanic earth which look like the veins of the land when seen from the air. Along the way, they transport vital nutrients for the ecosystem in the form of sediment, which are responsible for the sometimes very unusual colors of the water, sometimes looks like another planet. To shot from the air, sometimes can be a big challenge to create a photograph in windy conditions and for short periods of time.

I am a landscape photographer, living in Langen, near Frankfurt, Germany. My passion for photography takes me to various countries and places with epic natural backdrops of this planet. Our planet. All its beauty, changes of colour, structure and form – it all reflect through my photographs within different atmosphere and light. Some of my photographs are known for its dramatic perspective, while some seem paint brushed, teeming with my aesthetic aspect and suitable light. Photo tours leader all around the world, sharing my passion for nature and photography with other enthusiasts.