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A Year in Review: 2023 Wrap-up

January 15, 2024

As we enter into 2024, let us look back on all that has been accomplished by the Budapest Foto Awards and the numerous amazing photographers that have been featured. Based in Hungary and Eastern Europe, BIFA promotes photography internationally, bringing artists from around the globe together to share in their photographic passion.

2023 has been a highlight for the Budapest Foto Awards seeing some of the greatest work so far being submitted. This work was then exhibited at the prestigious event at House of Lucie Budapest where photographers from around the world gathered to celebrate the work of the fantastic BIFA winners and finalists. An amazing night of photography, art, and exceptional talent.

2023 BIFA Photography Competition 

Every year, the work submitted to BIFA is stunning and the competition is fierce. The esteemed jury selects first place winners. From this pool the best of the best are awarded Photographer of the Year and Discovery of the Year. Let us look back on 2023 and the stories and magic they were able to capture in just a single image. This group of award winning photography represents some of the world's best photos.

Photographer of the Year:

Poppyseed Dancer II by Irina Jomir

Inspired by painting, Jomir uses the ballerina’s movements to tell an emotive story of grace, sensuality, and vulnerability. She invites the viewer to witness the strength and serenity that the ballerina is able to embody.

Side profile of va ballerinas body as she holds her legs up straight.
 A doctor checks a shirtless patient in a dimly lit room.

Discovery of the Year:

Grand Hotel Metropoliz by Franco Buoncristiani

In 2011, in Rome, seventy families consisting of two hundred people occupy a former sausage factory together. Abandoned in 1978, the inhabitants now live together peacefully until the court of Rome sentenced evictions.

Architecture Photography

Not An Exit by Austin Irving

Austin Irving uses his large format analog camera to let the viewer examine nondescript and normal interiors that otherwise would go unnoticed. Irving pushes normalcy to it’s limit and highlights the absurdness and bizarreness of everyday life. 

A set of white open doors leads to an empty red room.
A woman cries in the arms of another person.

Editorial Photography

6.8 by Alejandro Martinez Velez

Alejandro Martinez Velez uses his camera to capture the devastating 6.8 scale earthquake in Morocco. On Friday, September 8th, at 11:11 PM local time, an earthquake in Ighil caused the deaths of 2,946 people with more than 5,400 injured.

Event Photography

Migranti by Ottavio Marino

“Migranti” delves into the lives of migrants who have escaped the horror of war and have made their way to the south of Italy. Not only is it a story of hope, but it is a story of a vision of a better life that all people strive for.

Double exposure of a mans neck over a sunset.
African woman sits for a portrait in a decorative necklace.

People Photography

The People of Northern Kenya After 7 Years of Drought by Marios Forsos

Following the worst drought in living history, the tribes of Northern Kenya have been forced to adapt. Previously nomadic, with a heavy reliance on foraging, their resources have become decimated. In the last 8 years, they have begun to settle in place.

Portfolio Photography

Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise by Patty Carroll

“Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise” explores womanhood, domestic life, and the pain that comes with it. In Carroll’s photographs, women are crushed by their own possessions, obsessions, and tasks. Women are caught in a consumer culture as they fight tradition and identity.

Pink decorative room with a woman stuck in a stove. Only her legs can be seen.

BIFA 2022 Winners’ Exhibition at the House of Lucie Budapest

One of the most rewarding and exhilarating aspects of the Budapest Foto Awards is bringing together all the winners' work that make BIFA so great every year. On July 11th, 2023, the winners of the 2022 Budapest Foto Awards were exhibited in the House of Lucie Budapest. All first and second place winner’s work was exhibited in the highly esteemed gallery alongside the projected work of the BIFA finalists. Seeing this work displayed all together exemplifies the power and storytelling that makes these photographer’s work so compelling.

People stand and look at framed photographs on the wall.

Below is an excerpt from BIFA 2023 Category Winner Hidenori Sono:

“I think it’s important to enjoy every shooting environment, rather than just being happy and sad all at once. Photography is fun because it’s difficult, and there’s nothing more boring than always being able to capture everything exactly the way you want it. If you can enjoy things that don’t go well, I think that’s the goal in sight."

Read the full interview with Sono here

Press Mentions

The BIFA community’s photography has reached far and wide with help from fellow organizations and magazines. Look back through the press mentions highlighting the fantastic photography featured this year.