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Introducing the Exceptional: BIFA 2022 Winners in the Advertising Category

July 14, 2023

Embark on a realm where visual narratives surpass verbal expressions, and boundless creativity reigns supreme. The esteemed Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) has once more bestowed its prestigious accolades upon the most imaginative and captivating photographers within the advertising domain. Join us as we delve into the realm of advertising photography, unveiling the remarkable vision and artistic brilliance exhibited by the exceptional recipients of the BIFA 2022 Advertising category. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating voyage that will ignite inspiration, curiosity, and a profound admiration for the infinite potential captured through the camera lens.

Portrait of Fruit

Portrait of Fruit - Masumi Shiohara

I am a fruit farmer. I make photographic works of the fruits I grow. I believe that growing crops is the same as raising your own children. In my case, it is fruit. In the shadow of the fruit that is being harvested, there are many thinned branches, flowers, and young fruit. In these works, the fruits that have reached adulthood are represented as if they were human figures.

Masumi Shiohara was born in 1974 in Nagano, Japan. While growing fruit on his farm he became interested in capturing them into works of photographic art, a skill which he picked up by himself. The inspiration to capture these photographically originally came when he was requested to supply fruit on a branch to a botanical artist - since then he has continued producing photographic art works of fruit on a branch.


Drying Bodhi Leaves - Ngoc Vân (Helena) Nguyen

The bodhi leaves are dried in the sun then they are attached to create works of art by skilled artisans.

My name is Nguyen Ngoc Van, please call me by Helena Van name I grew up in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, I love capture everything on the way I travel, I appreciate the people I met, the place I go, the hour I keep, and the spontaneity in every shoot. I believe that life is not a race, it is a journey that we can enjoy every step to explore. 

Drying Bodhi Leaves
Wine Flavor Identities

Wine Flavor Identities - Wesley Dombrecht

The job for this series of images was to graphically represent the flavor notes of a particular wine grape used to make a specific wine, and so, making it easier and more visually to imagine the specific wine's flavor identity. The flavor notes used range from fruit to savory (olives, tapenade, bacon) and even things like smoke, tobacco, talc, herbs, flowers, etc... The wine's used here are from M.Chapoutier, Domaine Tournon.

Palm Springs Shu Shu Life - Amyn Nasser

Contemporary Attractive Lifestyle Party Style Swing. Shot in Palm Springs California at the Stanbridge Estate. Fashion Editorial House of Shu Shu. Model Ashley Graves. Stylist Jennifer O'Bannon Makeup Whitney Gregory Hair Lucy Gedjeyan


Palm Springs Shu Shu Life
Lofoten Rorbuer #1

Lofoten Rorbuer #1 - Hsiaohsin Chen

In Lofoten, in addition to having the reputation of the most beautiful fjord in the world, the Rorbuer is also one of the local famous characteristics. In addition to self-driving to exploring and shooting beautiful scenery, I use Rorbuer as the theme very often. Whether it is with snow scene, night scene, or close-up, whether in autumn or snowy winter. The subject of Rorbuers could take satisfactory photography work in each photo trip always.

Women With The Head of Flowers - Mariia Kozhukhar

Inspired with the femininity and the power of female sexuality that represent the symbolism of flowers. The delusive enchantment of a strong and at the same time tender women. So ephemeral and so real. Bulgakov’s Margarita, Dali’s women, Gogol's pannochka. Surrealism and mysticism.

Women With The Head of Flowers
The Moth

The Moth - Sawamaru Pokiru

There are those who crouch quietly to protect themselves. There are those who struggle desperately to grow and mature. For two years we have been like larva in a cocoon. Now wings flap. We can spread our fully-grown wings with all our might, strong and beautiful. Beauty is vitality.



Raspberries (Food-Id) - Mxprivé

"The taste is in the foreground and the product is the star". This is the credo of most (top) chefs and at the same time reflects the opinion of many foodies and restaurant critics. FOOD-iD is my attempt to deal with this motto from the point of view and with the means of a photographer. Taste is not visible, so I focus on the colours and textures that give each product its own identity. The setup is designed to support or accompany colours and textures in a converging or contrasting way.

Raspberries (Food-Id)
Queen Dress

Queen Dress - Gurudas Bate

Queen Dress. This photo was taken at Harne, Dapoli beach at Maharahstra. Fishermen generally kept fish to make it dry it is most popular in India to eat dry fish. Visitors frequently visit this popular beach. One of the visitors took a selfie, it seems like a gown. Hence that woman was feeling like a queen. It's the best feeling to love yourself!



Zebra Crossing - Judith Balari

Picture taken for a food calendar. I tried to do something creative and funny at the same time putting the fish on a kind of zebra crossing made with sea weeds, broccoli and tomatoes for a touch of colour. Camera used was a Nikon D850 with a 24-70 2.8 mm Nikon lens.

Zebra Crossing

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