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Bronze 2020 Editorial / Personality


  • Photographer
    Kaja Tasevska
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / Personality

The work I did is part of a school project dedicated to the topic Body shaming. A girl wearing a big red hoody that's supposed to cover her bodily imperfections. But no, she is perfect, she is a beautiful young person full of talents, full of life energy, empathetic, wonderful friend and human above all. Melted into the perfect emerald blue green lake water, she actually symbolizes the idea of ??beauty. Red as the focus of the scene is more than contrast - it is an alarm, it is a cry for salvation, for self-respect. SHE is LOVE, and the female body is her messenger.

I'm a 17 years old eleven-grader at a high school in Skopje, Macedonia. I began taking photographs when I was „really, really young“, enjoying in photographing of everything I love. I also like skiing, skateboarding and modern dancing. I have won several state-level prizes in my country and abroad. I try to practice my eye every day and learn about photography, for the time being self-initiative and amateur. I'm online every day, delving and exploring. My biggest passion are portraits, because of the emotion, because of the opportunity to capture a person's expression that is more than words.