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Ten Stunning Fine Art Photographers of BIFA 2020

April 1, 2021

We often define Fine Art as "art for art's sake," which provides the viewer with a sense of visual aesthetic, an escape from the everyday life. To salute the best fine art photographers of BIFA 2020, we have compiled the ten most creative and alluring photographs. 

Almost Human - Patrizia Burra

A striking experimental image that shows us the deepest animal-like attributes a human can have. The photographer has been capturing beauty in the ordinary for the past 36 years, uncovering meaning under the superficial. 

The World From Above - Werner Roelandt

Ever wondered what birds soaring high see when they look down at us, humans? These photos were captured above public places with a drone, the multiple images combines to have an almost surreal effect upon taking a closer look. 

The Pink Lotus - Monthira Narula

The perfect symbol of beauty born in murky places: the pink lotus is given life in the muddiest places on Earth, and is one of the most beautiful flowers. Looking at this photo, one would think that such pure, unadulterated grace can only emerge from a less than ideal environment. 

Vertigo - Christiaan Van Heijst

Stark vision and a photo that even when sitting, causes vertigo in the viewer. In Hong Kong, we can find the tallest skyscrapers in the world, the buildings that house thousands of people tower above the people walking minding their daily business. 

On The Way - Jmramd

An homage to those who are always looking at the open road, to those who are always looking for a new adventure and those as well, who do not know what they will be facing at the end of the bend: this minimalistic image evokes feelings that all of us face at one point in our lives. 

Castles - Kaat Stieber

A mixture of surrealism and noble Dutch art, the photographer's aim was to depict the young eyes of children who are our future: their decisions will have an impact for generations to come, just like ours had as well. 

Monologue - Sabrina Komár

Our inner monologue: everyone has it. In some cases, the personalities within us live in harmony with each other, but in some instances, there is a war going on. The artist aimed to show this never-ending battle within ourselves through the lens of her camera.