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Photographer of Year 2023 Fine Art

Poppyseed Dancer II

  • Photographer
    Irina Jomir
  • Agency / Studio
    Irina Jomir
  • Prize
    Photographer of Year

In this painterly series of photographs, the ballerina's movements tell a story of emotive grace, sensuality, and vulnerability. Each image, like a fine art portrait, captures the essence of her artistry, inviting the viewers into a world where serenity and strength intertwine. Soft lighting accentuates her curves, creating a mesmerizing visual journey that transcends time. From intense passion to serene reflection, the series encapsulates the beauty of her movements, inviting us to witness the profound expression of her soul.

Irina Jomir is an award-winning photographer based in Norway. Her work, published by esteemed photography organizations, focuses on women and explores the profound depth of their femininity and psychological complexity. With a meticulous and stylized approach, she carefully plans every detail, aiming to convey intention and evoke emotions. Personal projects often delve into the realm of emotions and psychological states, incorporating hidden messages and secrets. Her multi-layered photographs invite viewers to confront themselves and unravel the intricate meanings within her art.