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The Best Advertising Photographs from 2020 BIFA Winners

May 7, 2021

Selecting the most deserving photographs each year is no ordinary task - our esteemed jury members live and breathe photography, but even for them, it takes time and debate to choose the top works. This year, the best advertising photographs from 2020 BIFA winners reflect a smart stance on each subject, creative angles and a burst of colour.

Living Colour by Kelvin Chan

An image exploring the concept of creativity: making mistakes is just a part of the process and should not be frowned upon.

What happens when increasingly we use GMO's to make our food? This project is a playful, yet serious representation of how genetically modified foods could work - in an extreme scenario, or just the near-future.

Life Notes by Lynn Bianchi

A video installation that helps us switch off, even for a couple of minutes. The world we live in is characterized by rushing everywhere, our attention divided into a million little pieces and directions. Meditation and relaxation is crucial to find inner peace. View the video here. 

Toyota Group Image by Takayuki Kikuchi

A photo series for the Toyota Group, with all its models in one picture, grouped together in unity.

Fish Guard by Dennis Chang

A Chinese herb mixture that helps with the treatment of aquaculture products. The consumer and seller often do not realize what additives they are consuming or selling - this is said to be a safer way.

Cool *&%$ In Tins and Tubes by Shell Royster 

Food packaging and the discovery of colours: a combination of these tins with recipes and food to kill time during the isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dentro by Nuria Pérez

Time to take a look at what lies inside of us: in ancient Japanese culture, the masks were made to ward off evil. However, what can we do if it lies deep within us? 

Women Sorting Red Dry Chillies by Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan

In a drying factory, Bangladeshi women are working tirelessly to sort out only the best red chilies for selling. More than 1000 workers work a minimum of 10 hours each single day for less than 2 USD.


Water Dance by Chin-Fa Tzeng

A beautiful story under water: the dancer move with grace, their dresses capturing the light and shadows. 

Color fo Bottle by Lin Yen Cun / Yang Chih Hsuan / Sui Fu Nien

A playful session where a number of different colored bottles were combined with straws and effects.