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In this compilation, we wish to capture the delightful spirit of summer through the stunning images of the 2021 BIFA winners. The chosen images evoke feelings of enthusiasm and vibrancy, which is why they make us think of the summertime. Hopefully, they'll give you the same impression!

The Presence of An Absence

The Presence of An Absence - Francesco Pace-Rizzi

The ephemeral geometries of the shadows, sometimes complex, sometimes simple, have always had a very special allure and attraction; the protagonists of the scene are the shadows, able to liberate the imagination, creating surreal and impalpable images, made of "darkness" of absence with a suggestive effect of visual ambiguity: the subject is outside the frame but yet it is inside the scene!

Water Dance - Chin-Fa Tzeng

The dancers dove into the water while dancing elegantly while donning stunning dance attire. Through the unique cut-out glass windows on the pool wall, the photographer is able to capture the joy of the dance. Use AFC focus and high-speed continuous photography to catch the lovely figure and the lovely tale of the dance in the water at the meeting point of light and darkness in a moment.

women underwater
boys playing basketball on the beach

Street In The Ocean - Vladimir Karamazov

Small fishing community in the Philippines where young people play basketball after fishing on the lone roadway.

Bristol - Rosetta Bonatti

Colorful houses in Bristol, UK


colorful houses in bristol
fishermen on the sea at night

Leg-Rowing Fisherman_Ii - Win Tun Naing

A freshwater lake called Inle Lake (Burmese) is located in Myanmar's Shan State's Nyaungshwe Township in Taunggyi District (Burma). The iconic image of Myanmar's Inle Lake is a leg-rowing fisherman. Leg-rowing is essentially an Intha traditional method of fishing. The leg-rowing technique is still used by traditional fishermen, who stand at the stern and grab the boat's hull with one foot while wrapping the other leg around an oar. The fisherman will use conical-shaped nets that they submerge in the lake to catch a limited number of carp.

Covid Summer - Mirko La Martina

The photographer intended for summer 2020 (in Sardinia) to be the first summer when Covid 19, the virus that has brought the world to its knees, had to be dealt with. Because there was a chance that the second wave may occur, it had to be the summer of caution and distance. Sadly, such was not the case. Despite the staggering number of fatalities and the graphic pictures broadcast on television, the initial caution was gradually replaced by a longing for freedom, which eventually led to complete disregard for the law. Today, the infection appears to be spreading.

empty beach
woman harvesting fruits

Drying Dried Persimmons - Yu Ling Ho

The persimmon harvest season occurs every fall. Women in rural areas are hard at work gathering and turning leftovers into dry cakes. The photographs demonstrate the women's attitude of perseverance through trials and hard effort.

Ride The Wind and The Waves - Li,Po-Yi

The term "SUP" has gained a lot of popularity recently. The photographer was photographed during a vacation to Lanyu, Taiwan, where he just fell in love with, under the direction of experienced trainers, regardless of who can ride the SUP stand-up sailboat on the sea in a sophisticated and graceful style.

SUPs on the sea
maldives beach

Maldives In Color. - Evgenii Domanov

Typically, MALDIVES are photographed in bright, rich hues. The photographer had the good fortune to witness and capture these islands in subdued, pastel hues.
In 1977, Evgeny Domanov was born in Russia. When he was 7 years old, he first took up a camera, and he hasn't put it down since. He works in a variety of genres and shoots international photo projects. In 2020, he photographed numerous successful picture projects in nations including Japan, Russia, the Maldives, and Cuba, which helped him win international photo prizes. He photographs seascapes, minimalism, and architecture.

Surfing The White Water @ Huntington Beach - Daniel Åström

31 October 2016. Unknown surfer near the municipal pier in Huntington Beach, California, USA (unable to get his name)
former professional sports photographer with distinctions abroad. (Previously Daniel Malmberg.) The 2018 Fifa World Cup is among them, a contributor to Getty Sports. Publication on a global scale. By publications like Sports Illustrated, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and The Sun, as well as television networks like ESPN, BBC, ABC, NBC, and Fox Sports, among many others.

black&white photo of a surfer

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fog on the lake early in the monrning
woman at the venice carnival
wedding photograpy with a happy couply in the rain


We are pleased to present you to the Best of Show Exhibition at the House of Lucie Budapest in Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 30.

The works of 26 amazing contemporary photographers, category winners of the 2021 International Photography Awards along with the 30 images of the Best of Show curated selection were exhibited at the House of Lucie in Budapest, Hungary.

The exhibition was open from May 3 until June 24.

House of Lucie
Falk Miksa utca 30
Budapest, Hungary

From Tuesday, May 3
Tuesdays to Fridays

To see the Best of Show photo selection, please click here.

Every year on April 22nd, Earth Day commemorates the 1970 start of the contemporary environmental movement. Earth Day is now generally acknowledged as the world's largest secular celebration, with over a billion people participating each year in a day of action to improve human behavior and implement global, national, and local policy reforms.
We want to celebrate and raise awareness about the need of fighting for our planet and appreciating all of its beauty. Enjoy this compilation of BIFA 2021 winners in the Nature category, which includes some of the stunning professional images submitted to the competition.

a glacier runs through a river

A River Runs Through It - Chih-Yi Chang

This was an Icelandic aerial shot. The photographer recently flew in a tiny plane and studied the glacier river's variety and abstraction. At a later period, you might not see the same pattern. It is enough for him to appreciate the present beauty and relish the amazing moment due to its changing character.

Val D'Orcia - Tiago Marques

The photographer was able to appreciate the valley's essence for 72 hours, marveling at how the sun's rays modified the landscape's viewpoint. The photographer's team used brown and gold ground and field tones in this project. The dawn and sunset light allowed us to experiment with shadows, resulting in a scene with a greater dynamic range.

a valley in the sunshine
black&white photo of a horse

Moving Through Time and Space - Cécile Zahorka

What gives horses the ability to be so dramatic? This bold horse flaunts its unending mane and appears to be traveling forward in time and space. Cécile Zahorka is an equestrian photographer and adventurer who specializes in fine art horse photography, exciting photo trips, and a fascination with endangered domestic animals.

Mount Fuji - Shirley Wung

Located next to Lake Kawaguchi in Japan, shooting the beautiful dawn and reflection of Mount Fuji.

mount Fuji by a lake
loricate pines in Pollino Park

Pollino: A Look Into The Past - Roksolyana Hilevych

The loricate pines in Pollino Park appear to those who look at them as clinging to the rocks, exposed to the rigors of winter, winds, and bad weather that draw their contours in a unique way; almost as if they were moving arms pointing to the sky, legendary figures with tormented movements, offer scenarios that entice the visitor to interpret with their own creativity. Being in the middle of the loricate pines, often known as "living fossils," is like being transported back in time. A little-known and untouched location that needs to be viewed by the entire world.

The World Is Going Upside Down - Thomas Vijayan

The photographer intended to catch all four components in one shot: the sky, the water, their wonderful environment, and the creature facing him. He realized that the only way to catch all of these features in one shot was to fly above the orangutan and position himself downwards to capture the orangutan's face and the perfect reflection of the sky in the motionless water below. The most difficult aspect of my encounter was getting to the spot in a three-hour boat trip over waves while the orangutan was in front of me and remaining calm.

a monky climbing up on a tree
fog on the lake early in the monrning

Morning Mist In A Dream - Ming Chuan Lee

Fog on the lake early in the morning, beautiful pictures if in a dream.

Frosted Florals - Hilda Champion

Flowers frozen. By freezing them, the photographer may add another depth to the image. The flowers may be placed in any arrangement and are no longer affected by gravity. Ice also provides a texture that may be changed by melting parts of it.

frosted flowers
sea in different colors

Above It All - Aerial Observations - Alex Ferrone

Photographed from a helicopter at various altitudes and with seasonally changing sunshine and weather, the photographer has caught natural abstractions of shifting colors, tones, textures, and depth from the environment below. Excluding representational aspects removes viewers' connection to reality, stimulates their creativity, and tests their perceptions of light, shape, and form. My photographs, which are not digitally created, disengage viewers from current technology, allowing them to get immersed in nature's tranquility and gain a fresh understanding for our delicate natural systems.

Fuji (Wisteria) - Takeo Hirose

Fuji (wisteria) is a traditional Japanese art motif, much like cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms and wisteria blooms both bloom in bunches. In crowded situations, many little flowers blossom, which seems to have something in common with the Japanese, who place a higher importance on organizational skill than individual talent.

fuji (wisteria)

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woman at the venice carnival
wedding photograpy with a happy couply in the rain

The Budapest International Foto Awards committee gets hundreds of outstanding images each year, making the selection process more difficult than ever. Our favorite BIFA Honorable Mentions from 2021 offer us fresh viewpoints in all of the categories, despite the fact that they weren't picked as category winners.

houses with colorful doors

Uniformity - Susan Hajer

Beach cottages in the south of England that are all the same. Susan's interest is traveling; she enjoys learning about other cultures and capturing and sharing what she sees with her camera.

Qasr Al Watan (Palace of The Nation) - Jon Wallis

The Presidential Palace of Qasr Al Watan (Palace of the Nation) is located in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The somewhat modest facade covers an immensely intricate and colorful series of inner chambers, which were opened to the public in 2019. The interior areas, which are heavily adorned with gold and contain stained glass windows, reflect Islamic shape and design. These images attempt to convey some of the diversity present within this outstanding collection of interior spaces.

the inside of Palace of The Nation
colorful sand dune

Divine Lagoon - Marek Boguszak

Sand dunes are one of the photographer's favorite subjects. He avoids rapid recognition of the original topic by using abstraction - a different perspective and color scheme. The brain is stimulated to interpret the image again and form a more personal perspective and sensations. A traveler eventually encounters an oasis with a lagoon in the middle of a scorching desert burned by the sun after 10 days of exhausting trekking. Water, verdant meadows, snacks, and much-needed relaxation appear to be available at Oasis. Is there a lagoon somewhere? Sand dune photography with creative processing.

Eventide - Nicoletta Cerasomma

The photographer's project aims to give her own perspective of myths and stories associated with her homeland while also exploring people's inner concerns. Folk stories can be found in a crack in the ceiling, a scream disturbing the woods' silence, or my cat's eyes looking at me in the middle of the night.

firework and a face
woman at the venice carnival

The Venice Carnival - Alieni - Paolo Sollazzo

The Venice Carnival, one of the most well-known and admired carnivals in the world, is told via Paolo Sollazzo's photographic language and style.

Linchetto - Nicoletta Cerasomma

Linchetto is to blame, according to Lucca folklore, when you can't find your key or anything mysteriously disappears in your home. Linchetto is thought to be a wicked spirit who plays games on people in their own homes, such as causing knots in your hair so you have to trim it or stealing something so you can't find it. He is a tidy freak who can't stand chaos. Linchetto can be deterred by leaving a dish of berries or rice on the counter. He is incapable of counting. He'll want to count right away. He'll grow bored quickly because he can't count.

folk tales from lucca
street photo while snowing

Snow - Anita Palcheska

The first snowfall in Skopje, 2021. A photograph of a person standing alone while the world and weather pass by. It's the same way in life.

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wedding photograpy with a happy couply in the rain

We are pleased to invite you to attend the first Open Day of the 2021 OnePlus Photography Awards Winners Exhibition on the 25th of March from 14.00 to 19.00 at the House of Lucie Budapest in Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 30.

Please join us at this exhibition honoring the work of Gold, Silver, Bronze OnePlus Photography Awards winners from 2021.

From March 27th, the exhibition will be open Tuesday to Friday from 14.00 to 18.00.

It is recommended to pre-book a timeslot by selecting the date and time on the calendar below.

If you have any questions about the exhibition, please contact

House of Lucie Budapest – Hungary
Budapest, Falk Miksa utca 30.
Doorbell: 80

The work of the following photographers will be part of the exhibition:

Bo Ya, Aref Tahmasebi, Jia Shusen, Yash Pardeshi, Kedar Patil, Zhongyuan Chang, Aman Malhotra, Colyn Tsou, Vedang Deodhar, Richard Ashia, Wei Deng, Wenfang Wang, Haibo Lin, Zhengxu Liu, Hector Ke, Mohan G, Chen.

View all winners here

We are happy to present the BIFA 2021 Winners Exhibition at the “House of Lucie” gallery in Budapest, Hungary. This group exhibition gathered the winning work of 1st and 2nd place category winners from BIFA 2021. The show was open from February 4th till March 18th.

The work of the following photographers was the part of the exhibition:

Angelika Kollin, Barbara Zanon, Carolina Plaz, Chen Che Wang, Daniel Holfeld, Diana Cheren Nygren, Emese Balázs-Fülöp, Emil Lombardo, Filip Hrebenda, Fran Fernandez, George Mayer, Gino Ricardo, Hirotaka Shindo, Irina Petrova, Ivan Romano, Jamie Johnson, Jordi Cohen, Josef Timar, Margarita Mavromichalis, Moniruzzaman Sazal, Nicoletta Cerasomma, Olga Volianska, Paul Brouns, Paul Gravett, Raffaele Canepa, Rico X., Romain Thiery, Salvatore Montemagno, Simone Arrigoni, Streetmax 21, Sujata Setia, Svetlana Melik-Nubarova, Štefan Csontos, Valter Darbe, Wolfgang Weinhardt, Yulia Nevskaya, Yu Ling Ho, Zixiong Jin.



Last week, the 2021 Budapest International Foto Awards Winners’ Exhibition came to an end at the House of Lucie, Budapest.

Artists, photographers, and the general public also attended the Closing Event, where they shared with us and each other their thoughts about the brilliant artwork of international photographers. We thank the art lovers who attended and hope to see everyone again at our upcoming events.