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Calling all photographers! The Budapest Foto Awards are now accepting submissions from around the world. As we settle into the new year, new opportunities open themselves up to us. Creativity and innovation continue to expand in the world of photography as new and fresh ideas are encouraged and rewarded. Become a part of the photography movement and display your work in front of a global audience by submitting today!

Featuring a multitude of cash prizes and exhibition opportunities, the BIFA jury is always searching for the most deserving photographers across genres. Enter for a chance to be chosen as the Photographer of the Year or Discovery of the Year by our esteemed jury. 

Competition Details

BIFA Photographer of the Year (Selected from First Place Category Winners, Pro)
$3,000 cash prize* and BIFA trophy

BIFA New Talent of the Year (Selected from First Place Category Winners, Non-Pro)
$2,000 cash prize* and BIFA trophy

First Place Category Winners–Pro and Non-Pro
Advertising, Architecture, Book, Editorial, Events, Fine Art, Nature, People, Portfolio, Science

First Place Main Category Winners Pro and Non-Pro will enjoy extensive publicity throughout the year in addition to the following benefits:

–    Work exhibited in Budapest and beyond
–    Work showcased on the main page of our website
–    Feature winning images in the online gallery exhibition
–    Press release and newsletter announcements to over 120,000 in BIFA Community
–    Printable BIFA certificate of achievement
–    Winner’s Logo to be used online and on printed materials

Other Winners ( Gold / Silver / Bronze) & Honorable Mention
Winners will enjoy extensive publicity throughout the year in addition to the following benefits:

–    Feature winning images in the online gallery exhibition
–    Press release and newsletter announcements to over 120,000 in BIFA Community
–    Printable BIFA certificate of achievement
–    Winner’s Logo to be used online and on printed materials


-Early Bird Deadline – 10% off: April 10, 2024

-Regular Deadline: August 10, 2024

As we enter into 2024, let us look back on all that has been accomplished by the Budapest Foto Awards and the numerous amazing photographers that have been featured. Based in Hungary and Eastern Europe, BIFA promotes photography internationally, bringing artists from around the globe together to share in their photographic passion.

2023 has been a highlight for the Budapest Foto Awards seeing some of the greatest work so far being submitted. This work was then exhibited at the prestigious event at House of Lucie Budapest where photographers from around the world gathered to celebrate the work of the fantastic BIFA winners and finalists. An amazing night of photography, art, and exceptional talent.

2023 BIFA Photography Competition 

Every year, the work submitted to BIFA is stunning and the competition is fierce. The esteemed jury selects first place winners. From this pool the best of the best are awarded Photographer of the Year and Discovery of the Year. Let us look back on 2023 and the stories and magic they were able to capture in just a single image. This group of award winning photography represents some of the world's best photos.

Photographer of the Year:

Poppyseed Dancer II by Irina Jomir

Inspired by painting, Jomir uses the ballerina’s movements to tell an emotive story of grace, sensuality, and vulnerability. She invites the viewer to witness the strength and serenity that the ballerina is able to embody.

Side profile of va ballerinas body as she holds her legs up straight.
 A doctor checks a shirtless patient in a dimly lit room.

Discovery of the Year:

Grand Hotel Metropoliz by Franco Buoncristiani

In 2011, in Rome, seventy families consisting of two hundred people occupy a former sausage factory together. Abandoned in 1978, the inhabitants now live together peacefully until the court of Rome sentenced evictions.

Architecture Photography

Not An Exit by Austin Irving

Austin Irving uses his large format analog camera to let the viewer examine nondescript and normal interiors that otherwise would go unnoticed. Irving pushes normalcy to it’s limit and highlights the absurdness and bizarreness of everyday life. 

A set of white open doors leads to an empty red room.
A woman cries in the arms of another person.

Editorial Photography

6.8 by Alejandro Martinez Velez

Alejandro Martinez Velez uses his camera to capture the devastating 6.8 scale earthquake in Morocco. On Friday, September 8th, at 11:11 PM local time, an earthquake in Ighil caused the deaths of 2,946 people with more than 5,400 injured.

Event Photography

Migranti by Ottavio Marino

“Migranti” delves into the lives of migrants who have escaped the horror of war and have made their way to the south of Italy. Not only is it a story of hope, but it is a story of a vision of a better life that all people strive for.

Double exposure of a mans neck over a sunset.
African woman sits for a portrait in a decorative necklace.

People Photography

The People of Northern Kenya After 7 Years of Drought by Marios Forsos

Following the worst drought in living history, the tribes of Northern Kenya have been forced to adapt. Previously nomadic, with a heavy reliance on foraging, their resources have become decimated. In the last 8 years, they have begun to settle in place.

Portfolio Photography

Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise by Patty Carroll

“Anonymous Women: Domestic Demise” explores womanhood, domestic life, and the pain that comes with it. In Carroll’s photographs, women are crushed by their own possessions, obsessions, and tasks. Women are caught in a consumer culture as they fight tradition and identity.

Pink decorative room with a woman stuck in a stove. Only her legs can be seen.

BIFA 2022 Winners’ Exhibition at the House of Lucie Budapest

One of the most rewarding and exhilarating aspects of the Budapest Foto Awards is bringing together all the winners' work that make BIFA so great every year. On July 11th, 2023, the winners of the 2022 Budapest Foto Awards were exhibited in the House of Lucie Budapest. All first and second place winner’s work was exhibited in the highly esteemed gallery alongside the projected work of the BIFA finalists. Seeing this work displayed all together exemplifies the power and storytelling that makes these photographer’s work so compelling.

People stand and look at framed photographs on the wall.

Below is an excerpt from BIFA 2023 Category Winner Hidenori Sono:

“I think it’s important to enjoy every shooting environment, rather than just being happy and sad all at once. Photography is fun because it’s difficult, and there’s nothing more boring than always being able to capture everything exactly the way you want it. If you can enjoy things that don’t go well, I think that’s the goal in sight."

Read the full interview with Sono here

Press Mentions

The BIFA community’s photography has reached far and wide with help from fellow organizations and magazines. Look back through the press mentions highlighting the fantastic photography featured this year. 

The innate potency and captivating charm of architecture have perpetually enthralled those who observe it. The 2022 Budapest International Foto Awards exhibited an impressive array of entries in the domain of architectural photography, presenting not only a depiction of architecture in its essence, but also a viewpoint crafted by the adept lenses of photographers. Presented below is a compilation of the most exceptional photographs within this category.

Libraries - Inspiration In Past and Present

Libraries - Inspiration In Past and Present - Mario Basner

Libraries are amongst the world’s most important buildings as they preserve mankind’s cumulative knowledge and heritage for future generations. They are gateways to respective culture, shape new perspectives central to an innovative society and provide a connection to the world at large. Many libraries are architectural masterpieces of breathtaking beauty. But no matter how opulent or simple the design, these magnificent rooms are invaluable repositories of historically and culturally significant collections, many of which are not available anywhere else in the world.

Spirit of Old Times - Peter Cech

Prague is most magical only with the right fog during morning, most amazing time is fog with the sun, it help show Prague like one hundred years ago, without modern things in our lives. From last 3 years i received around 30 prizes from world photo competiion included prize nominee, honorable mention, silver and many bronz medal. On photography is my target to catched the nature and architecture of the Prague like one hundred years ago without changes by people. I was artist in my past life, now i am just continuing...

Spirit of Old Times
Conveying Space

Conveying Space - Daniel Holfeld

In an intimate and powerful contemplation Holfeld’s images provide access to a new look at the built legacy of University College Dublin; deconstructing the elemental components of architecture, transforming the rebar, concrete and stucco of its buildings to change the way we think about the structures themselves. Commissioned by the University (Ireland's largest and first since Ireland gained independence from the UK), Conveying Space chronicles the last fifty years of iconic architecture found on campus. The series not only marks the universities progress but also Ireland's.

At&T Switching Center - Glenn Goldman

Originally Indiana Bell (now AT&T) Switching Center in Columbus, Indiana. Paul Kennon of Caudill Rowlett Scott, architect.

Glenn Goldman is an architect, planner, and educator as well as a photographer. He was the Founding Director of the School of Art + Design with responsibility for programs in Digital Design, Industrial Design, and Interior Design at the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) in Newark, NJ. Now Director Emeritus, he is a Professor of Architecture and Design in the Hillier College at NJIT. He has received awards for teaching, research, and creative works. He is a Fellow in the American Institute of Architects, past president of ACADIA, and Pioneer Member of ACM/SIGGRAPH.

At&T Switching Center
High-Tech “Chips” In The City

High-Tech “Chips” In The City - Yifan Wu

The city is like a high-tech macro chip, and the chip is like a micro city. I tried to show the roof structure of the office building in the core financial district of Shanghai by using the drone to look down from a 90-degree aerial view. The structural pattern is separated from the context of the urban landscape and placed on a simple background, which enables the viewer to focus on the details of pure architecture and show its similarity to the high-tech chip image taken at macro, so as to explore the close connection between urbanization and integration.

Cartuja Footbridge - Peter Zarkob

The Cartuja Footbridge is a bridge that crosses the Guadalquivir River in Seville (Spain), built for the 1992 Universal Exhibition.

As a publicist, I specialised in the creation of logos and corporate identity manuals, creating simple and geometric designs. Now focused on minimalist photography, my work seeks to provoke a strong visual impact that attracts and captures the viewer's attention, transporting them to unique scenarios, making them an accomplice of my thoughts and feelings and enveloping them in an atmosphere that travels from the figurative to the abstract.

Cartuja Footbridge

Concretometry - Alex Politis

The Verzasca dam, Switzerland, is 220 metres high by 380 metres in length. It was built between 1960 and 1965. The reservoir feeds a three-turbine hydroelectric power station, which generates 220 GWh of energy a year. The site became famous as it was used to film the opening jump scene in the James Bond movie “GoldenEye” (1995). From afar it looks like every other mega structure. But from closer and different angles, someone can witness very interesting shapes and patterns.

White Memorial - Marwa Elchazly

The Italian war memorial at El Alamein-Egypt, was built to be a war cemetery, museum, and memorial to the Italian soldiers who fought at the two Battles of El Alamein in World War II. From this reverent place, I took this shot expressing my feeling of great respect for death and memory

White Memorial
Kingdom of Knowledge and Wisdom

Kingdom of Knowledge and Wisdom - Judith Kuhn

Already photographed by everyone, now also by me... This place has been on my list for a long time and for me as an architect it actually belongs to the "compulsory program". Now I was busy in Stuttgart anyway and took the opportunity to stop by the city library on Mailänder Platz.

The Network - Katherine Young

Interesting, colourful facades

Katherine Young is an avid fine art amateur photographer. Her interest in photography started at an early age however it has only been in the last four years that Katherine took her hobby more seriously. Katherine’s real passion is black-and-white photography as she feels that monochromatic images have a surreal and timeless quality which leaves a striking impact on the viewer. Without the distraction of colour, the photograph looks cleaner and reveals the very soul of the subject.

The Network

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What Is Forgotten

Embark on a realm where visual narratives surpass verbal expressions, and boundless creativity reigns supreme. The esteemed Budapest International Foto Awards (BIFA) has once more bestowed its prestigious accolades upon the most imaginative and captivating photographers within the advertising domain. Join us as we delve into the realm of advertising photography, unveiling the remarkable vision and artistic brilliance exhibited by the exceptional recipients of the BIFA 2022 Advertising category. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating voyage that will ignite inspiration, curiosity, and a profound admiration for the infinite potential captured through the camera lens.

Portrait of Fruit

Portrait of Fruit - Masumi Shiohara

I am a fruit farmer. I make photographic works of the fruits I grow. I believe that growing crops is the same as raising your own children. In my case, it is fruit. In the shadow of the fruit that is being harvested, there are many thinned branches, flowers, and young fruit. In these works, the fruits that have reached adulthood are represented as if they were human figures.

Masumi Shiohara was born in 1974 in Nagano, Japan. While growing fruit on his farm he became interested in capturing them into works of photographic art, a skill which he picked up by himself. The inspiration to capture these photographically originally came when he was requested to supply fruit on a branch to a botanical artist - since then he has continued producing photographic art works of fruit on a branch.


Drying Bodhi Leaves - Ngoc Vân (Helena) Nguyen

The bodhi leaves are dried in the sun then they are attached to create works of art by skilled artisans.

My name is Nguyen Ngoc Van, please call me by Helena Van name I grew up in Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, I love capture everything on the way I travel, I appreciate the people I met, the place I go, the hour I keep, and the spontaneity in every shoot. I believe that life is not a race, it is a journey that we can enjoy every step to explore. 

Drying Bodhi Leaves
Wine Flavor Identities

Wine Flavor Identities - Wesley Dombrecht

The job for this series of images was to graphically represent the flavor notes of a particular wine grape used to make a specific wine, and so, making it easier and more visually to imagine the specific wine's flavor identity. The flavor notes used range from fruit to savory (olives, tapenade, bacon) and even things like smoke, tobacco, talc, herbs, flowers, etc... The wine's used here are from M.Chapoutier, Domaine Tournon.

Palm Springs Shu Shu Life - Amyn Nasser

Contemporary Attractive Lifestyle Party Style Swing. Shot in Palm Springs California at the Stanbridge Estate. Fashion Editorial House of Shu Shu. Model Ashley Graves. Stylist Jennifer O'Bannon Makeup Whitney Gregory Hair Lucy Gedjeyan


Palm Springs Shu Shu Life
Lofoten Rorbuer #1

Lofoten Rorbuer #1 - Hsiaohsin Chen

In Lofoten, in addition to having the reputation of the most beautiful fjord in the world, the Rorbuer is also one of the local famous characteristics. In addition to self-driving to exploring and shooting beautiful scenery, I use Rorbuer as the theme very often. Whether it is with snow scene, night scene, or close-up, whether in autumn or snowy winter. The subject of Rorbuers could take satisfactory photography work in each photo trip always.

Women With The Head of Flowers - Mariia Kozhukhar

Inspired with the femininity and the power of female sexuality that represent the symbolism of flowers. The delusive enchantment of a strong and at the same time tender women. So ephemeral and so real. Bulgakov’s Margarita, Dali’s women, Gogol's pannochka. Surrealism and mysticism.

Women With The Head of Flowers
The Moth

The Moth - Sawamaru Pokiru

There are those who crouch quietly to protect themselves. There are those who struggle desperately to grow and mature. For two years we have been like larva in a cocoon. Now wings flap. We can spread our fully-grown wings with all our might, strong and beautiful. Beauty is vitality.



Raspberries (Food-Id) - Mxprivé

"The taste is in the foreground and the product is the star". This is the credo of most (top) chefs and at the same time reflects the opinion of many foodies and restaurant critics. FOOD-iD is my attempt to deal with this motto from the point of view and with the means of a photographer. Taste is not visible, so I focus on the colours and textures that give each product its own identity. The setup is designed to support or accompany colours and textures in a converging or contrasting way.

Raspberries (Food-Id)
Queen Dress

Queen Dress - Gurudas Bate

Queen Dress. This photo was taken at Harne, Dapoli beach at Maharahstra. Fishermen generally kept fish to make it dry it is most popular in India to eat dry fish. Visitors frequently visit this popular beach. One of the visitors took a selfie, it seems like a gown. Hence that woman was feeling like a queen. It's the best feeling to love yourself!



Zebra Crossing - Judith Balari

Picture taken for a food calendar. I tried to do something creative and funny at the same time putting the fish on a kind of zebra crossing made with sea weeds, broccoli and tomatoes for a touch of colour. Camera used was a Nikon D850 with a 24-70 2.8 mm Nikon lens.

Zebra Crossing

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What Is Forgotten
maldives beach

In the realm of photography, recognition extends beyond the winners alone. It is crucial to honor the awe-inspiring Honorable Mentions that have graced the prestigious bIFA 2022. These exceptional photographs have enthralled the judges with their beauty, creativity, and storytelling prowess. Join us as we pay tribute to the magnificent Honorable Mentions at bIFA 2022, highlighting the remarkable talents that have left an indelible impression on the world of photography.


Dimension - Tong Fu

There could be a conceptual link between the universe and life. Trying to build some really abstract relationships in Tong Fu's design. He chooses to utilise art to improve this relationship rather than science since he believes it will be more diverse, unique, and unrestricted.


Summer With The Eagle Hunters In Western Mongolia - Anja Bruehling

The Kazakh people have fostered their nomadic lifestyle for generations deep in the Altai Mountains, where Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia converge. Many Kazakhs left Kazakhstan during the communist era for Mongolia in order to maintain their nomadic lifestyle and avoid being forced to work on collective farms. They relocated to the Bayan-Olgii Province and maintained their customs there. There are said to be 250 eagle hunters left in the region today. Family get-togethers, sheep shearing, horse racing, and wrestling are all common summertime activities.


Summer With The Eagle Hunters In Western Mongolia
What Is Forgotten

What Is Forgotten - Kichul Shin

Every Korean has been impacted by the Korean War, either directly or indirectly. Grandmother of the photographer was born and reared in North Korea's current capital, Pyongyang. She witnessed the communists dragging her father away from my family firsthand. It was her final encounter with him. Grandmother just once mentioned that tale. The photographer was astonished to learn that the Korean War is known as the Forgotten War years later. He was guided by these inquiries along the west-to-east frontier. My responses there evolved into a photography trip that was inspired by the individuals and objects left behind in the wake of the forgotten.

The Cost of Freedom - Sefa Eyol

After the Russian onslaught on Andriivka, Ukraine, Sergey, 62. He arrived home to see it entirely wrecked. Sergey constructed his home using money he had earned over the years while working as a liquidator in Chernobyl. 3 years ago, Sergey's wife passed away from cancer. He waits for assistance from the Ukrainian government while residing in his car with a few possessions he brought with him. - ''The thing that bothers me the most is that I lost all my memories from my wife,'' says Sergey. ''I came to recover some of her stuff and our photographs, but everything was destroyed.

The Cost of Freedom
Dream Circus

Dream Circus - Juan Pablo Vivanco Viniegra

Submission of the dream circus. The textures and aesthetics of our dreams are explored in this surrealist work. In this vibrant set of pictures, a little child imagines going to the circus with his mother and seeing all the performances. These images are pictures of the creative people that reside and work in this wonderful location. After the photographer's elder brother went away, he began to dream about him. On his birthday, they go to the circus every year, and they have a great time. This picture collection shows the things he has witnessed year after year.

Ode to Freedom - Alexandra Martinez

Many different species may be found in the Camargue. Nearly everyone is familiar with the Camargue's iconic flamingos, black bulls, and white horses. Although they are not entirely wild horses, they live a lifestyle that is extremely akin to the animal kingdom. The Camargue horses are a tribute to freedom in the photographer's eyes. She is highly impressed by his strength and joie de vivre.


Ode to Freedom
Back to The 70S

Back to The 70S - Stephane Navailles

Clean lines and soft curves, with a neutral color palette in design, as well as the minimalist approach to modernism in architecture. The 70's are always in the corner of our minds when it comes to interior architecture and design. These landmark years have succeeded, because it's as if we were questioning them with each new idea or project in order to make the best of what they brought us. With this picture let's remember those "crazy" years.

Beautiful Dream - Mei Hua Cheng

Mei Hua Cheng, the photographer, used to fantasise that she would grow up to be a large girl. She does, however, fantasise of going back to being a young girl after she has grown up. She longs for the days when she was stress-free.


Beautiful Dream
Jumping In Ice Cream

Jumping In Ice Cream - Devin DePamphilis

Many people find immense comfort in everyday items that evoke happy memories from their past, particularly from their youth. To connect with your inner kid, you had to look past the obvious food in this picture. This image shows a minimalistic use of ice cream, digital macro photography, and small figurines. The objective is to demonstrate how these well-known items can be entertaining, exhilarating, and thought-provoking. With the intention of making you smile, the photographer's macro photography depicts commonplace stuff in a playful and captivating way.


Sunset Colorful Clouds Sea - Minglun Tsai

The movement of the colorful clouds in the sunset flows softly, layer by layer. In Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County. Single exposure, no stacking. F9,128S,ISO 50

Sunset Colorful Clouds Sea

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