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We are proud to present the Budapest International Foto Awards private exhibition in the intimate space of the House of Lucie Budapest Gallery. The show was on view by appointment, from 1st till the 14th of July, 2021. The group exhibition showcased the winning images of the 2020 Budapest International Foto Awards, comprising 33 artworks of the 1st and 2nd place winners in each category.

The work of the following photographers was the part of the exhibition: Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Sabrina Komár, Amyn Nasser, Luca Rosati, Austin Irving, Jose Roberto Bassul, Simon Johansson, Jorge Novominsky, Daniel Antalfi, Lebohang Kganye, Gita Montazer, Torleif Lie, Földi László, Wei Ding, Arseniy Neskhodimov, Lara Alcantara, Nicoletta Cerasomma, Austin Irving, Tomoya Matsuura, Fabio Galvez, Gábor Hegyi-Kovács, Oliver Raschka, Karina Bikbulatova, Marco Marcone, Domenico Iannantuono, Werner Roelandt, Mieke Douglas, Irma Szabó, Mea Baráth, Natalia Krezel, Simone Francescangeli, Irina Petrova, Sebastiano Bellomo.

BIFA was created not only for those photographers who make their primary income from capturing magical shots, but also to provide students and amateurs with a platform to showcase their immense talents and get feedback from industry professionals. Here are the ten most breathtaking student photographers at Budapest International Foto Awards 2020. If you are in Budapest and would like to view our exhibition of BIFA 2020 winners, please contact us for an appointment! The exhibition will be live from 1st July 2021 to the 14th of July. 

Mirror, Mirror… Who are you? – Nuria Pérez

Our self-appreciation and reflection, it always depends how we see ourselves and others in the mirror. But who are we, really? This is the existential question raised through this image.

Equivalents – Katherine Young

A way to refocus our attention to the historical landmarks in London and to forget the busy elements that draw our attention away from them, the photographer shone the spotlight onto these architectural wonders so we can appreciate them more. 

SheKaja Tasevska

Often due to judgements and bullying, people are afraid to show their bodies and remain hidden in large T-shirts and hoodies. This photo series symbolizes the isolation and anxiety caused by body-shaming in people who are beautiful – being different should not be something to be shameful of. 

Snaky RoadManfred Zobrist

Maloja, Switzerland – an unforgettable moment of serenity of a curvy road in the mountains.

Who is There? – Alexej Sachov

Macro photography series of the creatures in the deep, taken underwater in the waters of Egypt and Indonesia. 

The Song of the Meadow Flowers – Adrienn Vincze

The song of life, death and colours is represented in this image taken on a meadow, showing the intricacies of nature. 

Underwater Wedding – Chin-Fa Tzeng

A pure and translucent pool encapsulates the bride in her white dress. The image series symbolizes the followings in marriage: the water is life, while the white dress is equivalent of purity and loyalty. The flowers in the water are the representations of happiness. 

Row of Eight – Don Hooper

South Gloucestershire, in the Southwest of England: these rows of trees align perfectly next to each other, symmetric and pristine. 

Flesh and the Everydayness – Meng-Han Hsu

A mixture of paintings and photography, is the way the artist best communicates with the world. Through this form of expression can the photographer really understand. 

El Nino – Marco Marcone

Cuba, La Habana, November. Generations supporting each other in Cuba represented in this photo: a child staying in a facility for the elderly to keep them company is. 


The Budapest International Photography Awards jury panel is always curious to receive works from the Science category. The best science photos of 2020 BIFA uncovered a completely different world for us, one full of wonders and art – all found within nature and the world that surrounds us. 

Show Caves – Austin Irving

Modern tourism and nature, unharmed – is that an oxymoron? Show Caves explores the renovations and – often highly destructive – changes done to make these caves more flashy for tourists. It all ends in a dilemma: is the transformation of these caves an act of vandalism for profit, or does it rather draw attention to beauties of nature that we would not be able to access normally?

Silence of the Universe – Becky Probert

This photography series is a work in progress looking at concepts in cosmology about the nature of our universe. How do we perceive the universe? How can we demonstrate it with the help of technology and a lens? The images are created through a combination of astrophotography and the small details in objects in the photographer’s environment.  

Wild DwellingSine Zheng

A balance between ecology and urban life, the photographer decided to merge object and places that might seem out of place at first. Upon further investigation, we realize that the environment has been blurred to provide a way for our urban life – this is what we need to be aware of and try not to exploit it. 

Dali in the SkyChristiaan Van Heijst

Almost like a work of Dalí, the moment this 747 airplane was captured along with its curvy and strong contrail leaves a mysterious impression on the viewer. 

The Lens’ Hologram – Austin Kanneth

A random, yet extraordinary discovery that made this image one of the best science photos of 2020. An inverted 50mm and 18-55mm lens stacked together on top of a cellphone front camera. 

Nirvana of Nature – Lamuel Chung

These photos were taken a month after the bushfire in Luk Chau Shan, Hong Kong. It shows us that even though bushfires are considered destructive, we often forget that these bushfires help return nutrients into the soil. This photography series was made to remind people of the usefulness of these fires as well.

28 Days Later: Total Lockdown – Irina Petrova

A large part of last year was centered on the COVID-19 pandemic, a global crisis that affected all of us. With this image, the photographer wished to convey the feeling of being locked away, each person from their community, during the months of self-quarantine. 

Athabasca Glacier Last SplendourClara Gamito

Breathtakingly beautiful, but heartbreakingly in danger of vanishing, the Athabasca Glacier is located in the heart of Canada. The ice-cave in this photo series collapsed a few weeks after the photographer visited it disappeared, bringing an end to a many thousand year-old glacier. 

Acrobatic Flight – Cain Shimizu

A photograph full of action, captured of the Blue Impulse, a Japanese acrobatic flight team. Usually, six aircrafts can be visible in their forms, but in this “corkscrew” performance, two aircrafts are in the air. One aircraft makes a reverse flight, at which time the other aircraft flies around in a circle. 

La Dolce Federica – Sebastiano Bellomo

Federica, a 12 year-old girl was born with a rare genetic disease called Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress, a disease for which no cures exist at this time. She is forced to live her life laying down due to her muscles slowly degenerating. Despite her struggles, she remains a happy, kind soul.

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Selecting the most deserving photographs each year is no ordinary task – our esteemed jury members live and breathe photography, but even for them, it takes time and debate to choose the top works. This year, the best advertising photographs from 2020 BIFA winners reflect a smart stance on each subject, creative angles and a burst of colour.

Living Colour by Kelvin Chan

An image exploring the concept of creativity: making mistakes is just a part of the process and should not be frowned upon.

What happens when increasingly we use GMO’s to make our food? This project is a playful, yet serious representation of how genetically modified foods could work – in an extreme scenario, or just the near-future.

Life Notes by Lynn Bianchi

A video installation that helps us switch off, even for a couple of minutes. The world we live in is characterized by rushing everywhere, our attention divided into a million little pieces and directions. Meditation and relaxation is crucial to find inner peace. View the video here. 

Toyota Group Image by Takayuki Kikuchi

A photo series for the Toyota Group, with all its models in one picture, grouped together in unity.

Fish Guard by Dennis Chang

A Chinese herb mixture that helps with the treatment of aquaculture products. The consumer and seller often do not realize what additives they are consuming or selling – this is said to be a safer way.

Cool *&%$ In Tins and Tubes by Shell Royster 

Food packaging and the discovery of colours: a combination of these tins with recipes and food to kill time during the isolation in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dentro by Nuria Pérez

Time to take a look at what lies inside of us: in ancient Japanese culture, the masks were made to ward off evil. However, what can we do if it lies deep within us? 

Women Sorting Red Dry Chillies by Md Tanveer Hassan Rohan

In a drying factory, Bangladeshi women are working tirelessly to sort out only the best red chilies for selling. More than 1000 workers work a minimum of 10 hours each single day for less than 2 USD.


Water Dance by Chin-Fa Tzeng

A beautiful story under water: the dancer move with grace, their dresses capturing the light and shadows. 

Color fo Bottle by Lin Yen Cun / Yang Chih Hsuan / Sui Fu Nien

A playful session where a number of different colored bottles were combined with straws and effects. 


We often define Fine Art as “art for art’s sake,” which provides the viewer with a sense of visual aesthetic, an escape from the everyday life. To salute the best fine art photographers of BIFA 2020, we have compiled the ten most creative and alluring photographs. 

Almost Human – Patrizia Burra

A striking experimental image that shows us the deepest animal-like attributes a human can have. The photographer has been capturing beauty in the ordinary for the past 36 years, uncovering meaning under the superficial. 

The World From Above – Werner Roelandt

Ever wondered what birds soaring high see when they look down at us, humans? These photos were captured above public places with a drone, the multiple images combines to have an almost surreal effect upon taking a closer look. 

The Pink Lotus – Monthira Narula

The perfect symbol of beauty born in murky places: the pink lotus is given life in the muddiest places on Earth, and is one of the most beautiful flowers. Looking at this photo, one would think that such pure, unadulterated grace can only emerge from a less than ideal environment. 

Vertigo – Christiaan Van Heijst

Stark vision and a photo that even when sitting, causes vertigo in the viewer. In Hong Kong, we can find the tallest skyscrapers in the world, the buildings that house thousands of people tower above the people walking minding their daily business. 

On The Way – Jmramd

An homage to those who are always looking at the open road, to those who are always looking for a new adventure and those as well, who do not know what they will be facing at the end of the bend: this minimalistic image evokes feelings that all of us face at one point in our lives. 

Castles – Kaat Stieber

A mixture of surrealism and noble Dutch art, the photographer’s aim was to depict the young eyes of children who are our future: their decisions will have an impact for generations to come, just like ours had as well. 

Monologue – Sabrina Komár

Our inner monologue: everyone has it. In some cases, the personalities within us live in harmony with each other, but in some instances, there is a war going on. The artist aimed to show this never-ending battle within ourselves through the lens of her camera.