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The Mexican French by Sunny Quintero

Award Winning Photographs from Across the Globe

May 3, 2024

The Budapest Foto Awards is a top destination for photographers worldwide. With submissions pouring in from all over, we get a wide range of styles and subjects, creating a colorful collage of creativity. From the landscapes of Argentina to the city scenes of Australia, photographers from everywhere showcase their work, blending different styles and influences. It's proof that photography speaks a universal language, breaking barriers and connecting people through visual stories.


Shepherd's Life by Alex Belov

Bronze winner in people photography, Alex Belov captures the daily life of the people of Goris. A city torn between two nations, the citizens continue their life through the conflict.


Skaftá by Judith Kuhn

Winning gold in nature photography, Judith Kuhn captures the Skaftá volcanic river in Iceland. The splitting of the river is due to the eruption of the Laki Craters (Lakagígar) in 1783.

Hong Kong

Team Competition by Benny Chan

One of the most famous events in the country, Benny Chan captures the dragon boat festival. The silver award winner perfectly captures the movement and athleticism. 


L O V E by Astrid Rodriguez

This bronze winner in portrait photography pushes the limits of fine art photography. The artist states "L O V E, is a series where I talk about love in different ways, in different ways, about that love that surpasses all understanding, that even goes beyond death. I insist on building from love."


Rain of Tears by Octav Varzariu

Varzariu's editorial photography explores Romaphobia, the discrimination against and persecution of Roma. Many images were taken in the Northern Dobruja region and document this conflict.

Czech Republic

Russkiy Mir - Suffering In Ukraine by Lenka Klicperová

Klicperová documents the conflict in the Ukraine. A photojournalist, Klicperová was awarded the bronze metal in editorial.

No matter where in the world a photographer is, great images can still be created and shared. These are just a small batch of the expansive and diverse artist community that BIFA is able to foster through the outstanding photography submitted each year.

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