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Around the World in a Blink of an Eye: 10 Best Architecture Photography at the 2020 BIFA

February 26, 2021

Although last year, most of us spent time locked away safely, there was still the opportunity to "travel," through the Internet. The 10 best architecture photography at the Budapest International Foto Awards proves just this: through the lens of a photographer, we can see almost every corner of the globe.

Not An Exit - Austin Irving

This photography series explores hallways and doors, demonstrating that even though they belong to no particular room or space and we don't pay too much attention to them when passing through, they are nevertheless worth examining closer. 

a theatre in ruins

'Dimenticato In Italy' - Cara Macnally

A tour around the rural and urban locations in Italy. The photographer's mission was to capture the beauty of forgotten and abandoned buildings, bringing them back to life through the lens. 

Red Zone - Marcin Giba

This time, the artist takes us to their home town, Rybnik, in Poland. An aerial photo of municipal swimming pool soon to become completely empty because of the COVID-19 pandemic - the pool was closed the next few days. 

aerial view of a swimming pool
Canadian Museum of History

Curves - Louis-Philippe Provost

The photo series shows us the fascinating curves of the Canadian Museum of History designed by architect Douglas Cardinal, located in Gatineau, Canada. The main focus here were the deliberately arrange curves of the building, resulting in a lively, wave-like structure. 

Color Division - Tong Fu

the photographer divided the pictures into different colors, matching them up with geometric shapes. The aim: to give people a sense of visual pleasure. 

"gone"- Lee Saloutos

An homage to the chairs left in random places, the series explores different rooms and locations where solitary chairs were left for unknown reasons. The artist began to notice these chairs around the most unexpected locations, like shipyards and mills, as well as prisons and decided to document them. 

U-Banh- Fabio Galvez

Once we go under the streets of Munich, we see the colorful metro, an alternate dimension with all the shapes and forms masterfully arranged to bring some light into the world of the underground. 

colorful metro scene
black and white old train

Forgotten World - Gábor Hegyi-Kovács

The boneyard of old, almost ancient locomotives, captured as a dream-like vision. The rusty steam trains take us back into history, a time forgotten. 

The Mesmerizing Staircase - Daniel Haeker

The Wuppertal Opera House in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany has an interior design reminiscent of the 50's, including the depicted staicase. 

geometric staircase

Naturalia: Chronicle of Contemporary Ruins - Jonk Photography

A series dedicated to Mother Nature reclaiming abandoned places is also an alegory to show how powerful nature is. The second humans leave a place, plants start growing, reclaiming their old territory.