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With the final deadline looming for the 2021 BIFA, we look back onto past winners and some of their most interesting works. To successfully capture important moments, artists have to be attentive and fast, often for days to take that one perfect shit. The ten best event photographs at the 2020 Budapest International Foto Awards demonstrate what happens when the "perfect shot" is captured. 

Before Concert - Dominika Koszowska

Intense and filled with grace: the cellist of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice walks upstairs right before the start of the concert. 

The Faces of Venice - Kieran Brimson

The Carnival of Venice documented in the busiest time: San Marco Square occupied with hundreds of masked dancers in their colourful outfits. 

Huntington Beach Surfer - Daniel Åström

Impeccable timing and a hard-to-achieve balance between black and white imagery. Long-time sports photographer Daniel Åström captured this unknown surfer on Huntington Beach in California, USA.

Bride's Little Helpers - Enrique Mancera

A cute scene from a delightful wedding: the flower girls were supposed to help the bride by carrying her veil so it doesn't get caught on the grass. Instead however, they started playing with it - a happy surprise it seems for the bride as well. 

The Circus of Life - Marco Marcone

The ruins of a theatre in Old Havana, youngsters practise for circus after so many years of training outside in parks. The goal: to become professionals in the circus through rigorous practise.

Taiwan's First Ba Jia Jiang Eighth Generals - Chin-Fa Tzeng

Rice dumplings master Mr. Xu Mingzhong has been a vital character in Taiwan playing Ba Jia Jiang, a protagonist brought to life with one mission: to capture ghosts and evil spirits and bring safety and good luck to the people. The master has been playing this role since he was only 12 years old.

National Unity - Andrey Romanenko

A documentation of events that happened in the summer of 2020 in Belarus at the presidential elections. The demonstrations that followed after were a peaceful appeal for the true results of the elections. 

Drekay Bride's Smile-Lee Each

Witnessing a traditional Taiwanese wedding is rare for foreigners: the aboriginal (Drekay) tribe members dress up in their conventional dresses before the festivities. 

Facing the Strong Winds - Peter Svoboda

January, 2020 - a group of brave mountaineers face their fears when a storm hits on the way down on the Breithorn in the Swiss Alps. The looming clouds create an eerie view around the tiny figures racing down to reach safety as quickly as possible.

Getting Ready for The Day - Joe Lai

The hairstylist applies the last finishing touches to the bride's hair. This fairytale-like scene was captured just before the beginning of a wedding in Taiwan.