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Gold winner in Portfolio / Fine Art / / 1st winner in Portfolio / 2023

Desolate Beauty

  • Photographer
    Radek Von Hirschberg
  • Prize
    Gold winner in Portfolio / Fine Art / / 1st winner in Portfolio / in

Desolate Beauty it is a project which combines, although seemingly mutually exclusive, beauty and decay. Beauty is gorgeous women, whereas decay describes the physical condition of places where I invite them and make them immortal. Women are wearing beautiful robes (for instance, long ball gowns) or are naked – anyhow, they are always beautiful. This unusual combination has a strong impact on my sense of aesthetics and state of mind. In my case, the sum of beauty and decay always results in … beauty (like good triumphs over evil).

Radek’s photography has a universal quality, with a distinct focus on people, understood in an exceptionally broad sense. His open-minded approach allows him to blend various forms within this artistic field, for example, by creating narrative portraits or nudes in different worlds and dimensions. Occasionally, he delves into landscapes and saute architecture. He tells stories, describes emotions and sometimes is solely interested in form. He works both digitally and analog (including, among others, his favorite Nikon FM2 and Pentax 645NII). At times, he combines modern cameras with vintage.