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Gold winner in Portfolio / Fine Art / / 1st winner in Portfolio / 2023

Desolate Beauty

  • Photographer
    Radek Von Hirschberg
  • Prize
    Gold winner in Portfolio / Fine Art / / 1st winner in Portfolio / in

Desolate Beauty it is a project which combines, although seemingly mutually exclusive, beauty and decay. Beauty is gorgeous women, whereas decay describes the physical condition of places where I invite them and make them immortal. Women are wearing beautiful robes (for instance, long ball gowns) or are naked – anyhow, they are always beautiful. This unusual combination has a strong impact on my sense of aesthetics and state of mind. In my case, the sum of beauty and decay always results in … beauty (like good triumphs over evil).

With my photographs I tell stories, describes emotions, and sometimes it is merely the form that concerns me. Particularly noteworthy is the flagship project, I have been working on recently, called Desolate Beauty. I take both digital and analogue photographs, and therefore, sometimes I do combine a modern camera with old lenses (i.e., a favourite replica of a 19th century Petzval with a focal length of 55 mm). I love natural light, however, I don’t shun work in a studio, and sometimes – typical of me – I combine many different kinds of light.