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  • Photographer
    Rafael Garcia Luna

These curious rock formations, such as the hillocks or the plateaus, are made up of clay and sand. In fact, you will be able to appreciate in them the different colors of the minerals that make up their strata. Erosion is what has been commissioned over time to sculpt the capricious formations that can be found in the bardenas, offering a landscape taken from another planet

It was back in 2006 when my first SLR camera came into my hands. It was then that my passion for photography began. Mostly self-taught, I took several training courses, which have helped me to acquire knowledge and a workflow, which I am trying to improve every day. Currently I combine my profession with this passion, which has become a way of life. It is the reason why I take my camera wherever I go, to try to capture those seconds and share my vision of the world through my photographs, some of them have been awarded in various national e international competitions.