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Silver winner in People / Life Style / 2022

Ephraim’s Repair Shop: Peace, Love, and Cars

  • Photographer
    Maya Hed
  • Agency / Studio
    Maya Hed Photography
  • Prize
    Silver winner in People / Life Style / in

Welcome to Ephraim’s utopian auto repair. For over 50 years Ephraim has been fixing cars, and has been my family’s mechanic. He is one of those people who started driving before he had a license. This blue-eyed Israeli Sinatra taught himself everything. He can pinpoint any problem by sound alone. He and his two employees, Dorgahm and Morad, are like family. For Ephraim, his shop represents an ideal: peace, love, and coexistence between Jews and Arabs. When you visit Ephraim's shop it is easy to feel the strong bond, love and respect they have for each other. He cares for them like his sons.

Maya Hed was born and raised in LA and moved to Israel in the late 90s, where she studied at the Kiryat Ono College of Photography.Maya specializes in portraiture, especially series of photographs captured over time. She uses natural lighting to capture genuine, raw emotion, and tell the subject’s story through their portrait. Maya showcased 3 solo exhibitions at the Israeli Opera,Hava Rosenberg gallery and The Scots Hotel.Her work won awards, appeared in print in several magazines & books. Maya also has extensive experience with film,and works as a freelance documentarian based in Tel-Aviv.