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Gold winner in Fine Art / Moving Images / 2022

We Are Not Here

  • Photographer
    Giulia Pissagroia
  • Prize
    Gold winner in Fine Art / Moving Images / in

The "we are not here" project aims to focus attention on our widespread inability to live in the moment. We are always too busy with our daily chores to forget to live in the present. In my photos, man therefore becomes ethereal, transparent and elusive. Time passes quickly, while we are not here.

Giulia Pissagroia approached the world of art from an early age, cultivating a particular inclination for the figurative arts in general. Expressing herself with images soon assumes the profile of urgency to the point that she will find himself determined to make it a profession completing her studies of graphic design. Photographer and painter, in all her artistic production emerges unmistakably the symbolic rendering of the emotional sphere. After working for more than 10 years in publishing field as a graphic designer and art director, she decides to devote herself totally to her vocation