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Bronze winner in Architecture / Cityscapes / 2021

Berlin Love

  • Photographer
    Daniela Skrzypczak
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze winner in Architecture / Cityscapes / in

As a woman photographer, I love to go with my cameras through the streets of the cities, let us drift and take photos in the here and now. My heart is Berlin and especially the "Potsdamer Platz". It is so much life, coming and staying. And precisely this coming and staying can also be found in architecture.

PHOTOGRAPHY IS FEELING, TOUCHING, LOVING Hello, my name is Daniela Skrzypczak. I love life and people. This is the reason why I like to photograph them. For me photography means seeing people with my eyes and making them visible. To emphasize the beauty of each individual with feeling, with devotion and with love from different perspectives. Woman photographer, maker and woman. The face, the innovative power and the empathic spirit of demipress + bildschoen - my photo project for women and foto Gl├╝ck - my own photography brand.