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Silver winner in Book / People / 2020

Evering Road People

  • Photographer
    Christian Sinibaldi
  • Prize
    Silver winner in Book / People / in

Evering Road is a mile long road in Hackney, London. I've lived here for more than eight years, without ever truly knowing those around me. Lockdown presented a unique opportunity.I couldn’t do my usual work, but I could turn my camera on to my own community. One of the few positives of this pandemic has been how communities have pulled together.I opened an account on Instagram called @everingroad and posted daily.The account quickly became popular,I’m particularly proud of the way it became a community hub.That’s why I decided to go one step further and create a book, via kickstarter

Born in Rome. After a five year degree course in Communications, Sociology & Media, I moved to London in 2003 . Since July 2005 I have been a regular freelancer with The Guardian. In the last years I have completed different projects in advertising, corporate and artistic imagery and my photos have been also published in many other worldwide magazines and newspapers. In the past years I’ve also collaborated and worked with many charities and NGO’s