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Honorable Mention BIFA 2022 Fine Art / Other


  • Photographer
    Idan Wizen
  • Agency / Studio
    Studio Idan
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Fine Art / Other

In today's society, we often find ourselves chained by different problems such as social networks, over-consumption, work, unhealthy relationships. Emancipation and self-fulfillment are therefore key elements needed in the pursuit of happiness. To achieve this, however, we must face many obstacles, challenges, and hinders. The objective of the Hinders collection is to show how much humanity is blinded by everyday issues not realizing those chains around.

I am a French artist working in Paris, a professional photographer for more than ten years. I graduated from the London University of Arts in 2008 and then turned to humanistic and engaged fine art photography. I like considering photography as a way to express my opinion on our world. Combining strong ideas with relevant aesthetics, art allows us to send a more subtle message; a message that can be interpreted differently depending on the person. With my art I want to lead the viewer to look at things from a different angle and put his vision into perspective and thus, to understand mine.