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Honorable Mention BIFA 2022 People / Portrait

Back to You

  • Photographer
    Giandomenico Veneziani
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in People / Portrait

Back to you is the story of our main character who, for some reason, finds himself catapulted to Earth, deserted, inhospitable and hostile. He has a very specific purpose, that is to find a source of lost energy, contained in a casket that centuries earlier had been sent to Earth so that the inhabitants could benefit and use it not only as a source of energy, in fact, but as a source of aggregation and kindness towards others. Unfortunately, humans have not been able to use this energy given to them by another distant world. Our protagonist will therefore necessarily have to find it.

Hi, my name is Giandomenico Veneziani. I’m an Italian Photographer. I approached photography since I was young but for the last two years I'm professional photographer. I learned over time the techniques and the infinite possibilities of artistic creation. The photographic experimentation finds wide expression during my travels. I was inspired by people, their stories, faces, emotions. The photography for me is an important mean to share feelings and stories of people I photograph. It's the same now as in the past. I get inspiration especially from painting, books and movies.