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Honorable Mention BIFA 2021 Fine Art / Other


  • Photographer
    Nicoletta Cerasomma
  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Fine Art / Other

The aim of my project is giving my own interpretation of myths and legends linked to my motherland and, at the same time, seeking the inner fears of human beings. Folk tales, they live in our everyday life, through our gestures and habits: It is possible to find them in a crack from the ceiling, in a scream breaking the Silence of the woods, in my cat’s eyes staring at me at night.

Nicoletta Cerasomma is a pop surrealist artist with a background in staged photography. After studying photography she realized her love for storytelling and she focused on production of nuanced photographic tableaux. Her work is highly conceptual and complex: she incorporates archetypes and cultural iconography with satirical narratives inspired by the collective unconscious. Leaning into the visual language of pop surrealism, she stages narrative compositions that expose the underbelly of modern life.