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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 Nature / Wildlife

On A Mission

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Nature / Wildlife
  • Company
    Sharp Wildlife Photography
  • Photographer
    Sean Sharp

As her cubs were stealing the show on the beach, I found myself in the very situation I had been visualizing for months: looking through my lens begging this Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear to run at me through the water… then she did just that! This hungry mama launched into sprint to fish with all fours out of the water. The intensity of her eyes were focused on her prey (silver salmon), not me, and that's okay - for a few frames we shared a moment I will never forget. (I enter this photo in honor of my late wife, Marybeth Joy Drechsler Sharp, as this was one of her last bear adventures)!

“Being able to share so many wonderful wildlife moments with clients and friends alike is something I cherish. I live and breathe wildlife photography. The experiences I am fortunate enough to be part of continue to call me to help fellow animal lovers to discover what's out there: the joy and awe of wildlife living wild and free in their natural habitat." - Sean Sharp Sean is an award-winning wildlife photographer in pursuit to help photographers, and animal-lovers alike, to grow their own portfolio and to safely experience the beauty of wildlife around the globe.