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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 Editorial / Photo Essay

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    Honorable Mention in Editorial / Photo Essay
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    Katarzyna Heczko Bodora

It is said that the World War II in Poland didn’t end in May 1945. Soviet occupation, being result of Yalta Conference, made Poles feel rebellion, oppose. The representative of those times was Stefan Wyszynski the Primate of Poland. On the 25th of Sept 1953 the Communist government accused him of working against Polish state interests and deprived him of his right to hold church functions isolating him from associates and the faithful for 3 years. Travelling the same roads, visiting his cells, talking to witnesses I try to understand the situation and his emotions as a human being.

Katarzyna Heczko Bodora (born in 1974 in Namyslow, Poland). A documentary photographer. Graduate of Chemistry at the Silesian University of Technology. She’s finished Photography Academy in Krakow (2018) and VII Masterclass in Warsaw with Sara Terry as a Mentor (2019). Her work touches sociological issues. She’s the winner of 20th anniversary of National Geographic contest. Her work has been exhibited by, Gallery B&B and published in National Geographic. She’s cofounder and member of collective. She lives and works in Silesia, Poland.