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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 Editorial / Photo Essay

The Deceased

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Editorial / Photo Essay
  • Photographer
    Giuseppe Potente

In Western Cape, South Africa, black and “coloured” people, regardless of their income, usually borrow a lot to have a funeral usually above their real economic conditions. I am always struck by the unexpected contrast between the luxury of the car or the ceremony and the real status of the deceased. And even more by the contrast, for our Western European culture, between the serious circumstances and the vivid colors of many women. In this series, I want show how different are their habits compared to our standard funerals.

My photographic activity is mainly aimed at real people, their relationships, the real life, the relationships between man and nature, seen in a non-documentary key, but rather aimed at arousing interest and the possibility of various interpretations. Sometimes in a surreal way. My aesthetic vision makes use of color images of overall pictures, color images of evocative and poetic details. To a more limited extent, I am also exploring the same realities in black and white using unfiltered IR light. Emotion is my main guide..