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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 People / Family

In The Red Zone - An Italian Family In Quarantine

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in People / Family
  • Photographer
    Raffaele Gianluca Colonnese

Photojournalist R. Gianluca Colonnese tells about the quarantine in the most affected region of Italy: Lombardy. He does it with an intimate story documenting his family day after day during the months of quarantine in Italy.

I'm Gianluca, graduated in humanistic disciplines and specialized in anthropology, photojournalism and documentary photography. Currently my long-term projects involve 2 territories, Italy and Argentina. In Italy I'm developing a project to child disability, legal Marijuana and new paganism. In Argentina I'm working on a project about the Gauchos and cattle breeding traditions.