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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 People / Self-Portrait

The Island & I Are One

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in People / Self-Portrait
  • Company
    Splice Studios
  • Photographer
    Abigail Hadeed

The Island and I Are One is the outward expression of my looking inward, and a sampling of a work still in progress.This period of reflection compelled me to seek out my own…in the form of self-portraits. It seemed I could no longer avoid my own lens.I found myself returning to the water. I identify with this island on which I was born and formed, surrounded but detached, and seemingly unto itself. An outlier at heart, I am drawn to the overlooked: people on the periphery, mundane objects, flowers past their bloom. In spite of everything, life, like the ocean, goes on in unfathomable mystery

Abigail Hadeed has been documenting the Caribbean and the Americas for the past 30 years. Hadeed’s archives owe much to her uncanny ability to discover people and places at the crossroads of an unresolved past and an impending future, torn between pain and possibility, disquiet and hope. My last exhibition The Weight of Water was a meditation on nature and alienation…pollution, consumption, and the link between environmental and spiritual degradation. Unpeopled and introspective, It coursed through Trinidad’s waters to as far north as the Bahamas archipelago.