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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 Architecture / Buildings

Curra and Navidad Lighthouses, Cartagena Harbour, Spain

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Architecture / Buildings
  • Photographer
    Thomas Kane

The entrance to the port of Cartagena is flanked by the Navidad and La Curra lighthouses.The name of “Navidad” comes from the nearby “Navidad” coastal battery. Leaning on Christmas Point, construction began on a riprap breakwater, in combination with another one resting on the slope of the San Julián mountain, to protect the bay from the southeast wind (lebeche), predominant in the area. Once finished the breakwater wharfs of “Navidad” and Curra, in 1881 the construction of the “Navidad” and Curra lighthouses were authorized as permanent buildings.

I am drawn to symmetry, beauty and tranquillity. When I compose a photograph I have a vision of the final image. Often it may contain much less than the actual scene photographed. If anything is central to my work it is the sky. Some days I get a strong feeling that the light and clouds may unite to form the picture I seek. My preferred colour space is Black and white in a minimalist fashion.