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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 Fine Art / Nudes

The Forest

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Fine Art / Nudes
  • Photographer
    Selina Mayer

The Forest is a conscious departure from masculinity & modernity, both in medium & in subject matter. My subjects are my contemporaries. We are nude, but it is an unselfconscious & primordial nudity, reclaimed from the male gaze & with a softness & intimacy to the images rarely captured in a male lens. We are in nature & a part of it; we aren’t conquerors of the natural world, we are skyclad witches & exultant earth goddesses in communion with nature, vulnerable yet unafraid. We are willing collaborators & active participants, captured with the ritual alchemy of analogue photography.

I am a British visual artist working primarily with analogue photography, specialising in nude portraiture. I studied Fine Art at Central St Martins and continue to live and work in London. The first nude body I photographed was my own. My self-portraiture is a way for me to explore my own vulnerabilities, and I did this by removing my clothing, my armour. Later, others responded to this vulnerability and began allowing me past their own armour. By shooting on film my photos become tactile objects, a counterpoint to the incorporeal and ephemeral digital photography that surrounds us every day.