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Honorable Mention BIFA 2020 Nature / Trees

Celestial Night

  • Prize
    Honorable Mention in Nature / Trees
  • Photographer
    Sue Park

It was long before the dawn. In the dark field, there was a lone tree standing under the celestial sky. I set my camera with a long exposure in the dark. After the patient waiting, voila, a beautiful tree under the colorful sky appeared in my viewfinder.

2020 Solo Exhibition in Pesaro,Italy 2019 Solo Exhibition at Shatto Gallery, Los Angeles, Ca, USA 2019 Group Exhibition “East Meets West,” The BID Art Space, Pesaro, Italy 2013-19 Published photos in the Asian Pacific Heritage Calendar and Cultural Guide by the City of Los Angeles, USA 2017 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Dooin, Seoul Korea 2016 Group Exhibition “Korea: Land of the Morning Calm,” USC, L.A, Ca, USA 2015 Group Exhibition "La Belleza de Corea y su Naturaleza," Mexico City, Mexico 2015 Group Exhibition “LA-Mexico Culture Exchange: SOUL OF KOREA,” and many more exhibition and publish