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Bronze 2022 Editorial / Conflict

Evacuating The Most Vulnerable From Donetsk

  • Photographer
    Daniel Shou Yi Ceng
  • Agency / Studio
    Zuma Press
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / Conflict

As sounds of terror continue to echo with consecutive Russian bombardment and air strikes on Donetsk, the most vulnerable with long-term illnesses and disabilities have been stranded in the most horrendous times of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. Among them are 67-year-old cancer patient Galina living in Holubivka, and 85-year-old Alla residing in Niu-York Town with loss of sight and long-term diseases, as they have lost access to lifeline-medications and treatments since the war unfolded. Volunteers rescue them from frontlines despite the arduous and life-threatening challenges.

Daniel Shou Yi Ceng, 22, is a photojournalist with a focus on conflicts, war and politics. He is currently based in Taipei, Taiwan for several international news agencies, including ZUMA Press. Most recently, he took the initiative to enter Ukraine in early March 2022, photographing the consequences of the Russian invasion on the front lines in Donbas and other areas while bringing forth different perspectives of understanding the war. His works had been published in many international media including The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Times, CNN, and so on.