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Gold 2022 Fine Art / Portrait

The Duke

  • Photographer
    Ting Ting Chen
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Portrait

A portrait of Robert Tilley, the best friend I’ve made since I came to Newfoundland Canada 4 years ago as an international student. I took this portrait one day before Robert turned 73 years old. Robert's grandfather, who was born in 1882 and lived a legendary life in Canada’s Northern territories and Atlantic region, had the nickname "Duke", an abbreviation of his full name William Marmaduke Tilley. I think the name Duke is perfect for this portrait. The coat Robert wears in the portrait was made by himself 40-some years ago when he worked in Northern Canada.

I left my home in Asia and came to Newfoundland Canada three years ago as an international student. During the past three years, I have not only found my new home in Newfoundland, but also my muse. Newfoundland is the inspiration for my photography. Robert Tilley, a -73-year-old true and born Newfoundlander, is the first friend I made when I come to Newfoundland, and now he has become my best friend. Robert and I have traveled most parts of Newfoundland, and he appears in many of my photos as a model.