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Bronze 2022 Fine Art / Special Effects

Reflections On Royal Albert Hall

  • Photographer
    Arsenio Filho Gallinaro
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Special Effects

This photo records the reflections seen on doors of the Royal Albert Hall, in London. It was taken with only one shot, without double exposure, overlaying or merging, and no Photoshop also. It shows the beauty hidden in reflections. The image mixes indoor and outdoor environments at the south entrance of the Royal Albert Hall. Thus, floor and wall of the Hall's entrance, and buildings, clouds and trees around it, are merged into the same image. The result is a beautiful scene of ethereal features like dreamlike images that bring us good feelings and beautiful emotions

The reflections photographer. There is a whole universe of beautiful images hidden in reflections. I take pictures of reflections to reveal them. My photos are taken in a single shot, without double exposure, overlaying, or montage, and no Photoshop also. It is a straight "point and shoot" picture with an automatic or a smartphone camera. I just work on the color corrections and make the final cut that pleases me.