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Gold 2022 People / Children

Cops & Robbers

  • Photographer
    Santiago Martinez De Septien
  • Prize
    Gold in People / Children

Some of my fondest childhood memories include playing “cops & robbers” with my friends. That’s when one of us, chosen to be the Robber, flees. Once “caught”, the Robber might have to sit in jail for some time. At 6 or 7 years old, we had already absorbed these roles into our own way of interpreting the world. Just like puppies learn essential life lessons from their adorable wrestling sessions, we shape the way we see the world through our play as children.

Santiago Martinez de Septien, amateur photographer from Burgos, Spain with a keen interest in street photography and portraits. Influenced by classic photographers such as Cartier Bresson, Eliot Ervitt, Dorothea Lange, Brassai, Michael Kenna who really changed the way I see things. Always trying to learn, looking for new ways to transmit new feelings.