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Bronze 2022 Nature / Panoramic


  • Photographer
    Jacopo Gambini Rossano
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Panoramic

Since my childhood up to these days I have always looked at the sky as a part of myself. It makes me wonder what other worlds are out there and its colors give me spiritual relief. I must have been a bird in some past life because there is nothing I enjoy more than watching a wonderful sunset or sunrise. These series would like to make the beholder feel small in a positive way, as a part of something far bigger.

I am an Italian guy who lived many years abroad and always liked to take mainly black and white pictures of different themes such as landscapes, women, workers and urban spaces. Artistically speaking, all I care is "the moment", I try to get that eternal slice of truth every little time I feel it might be around. I enter this prize because I would like to learn more from other photographers from around the world.