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Bronze 2022 Book / Documentary

Yeoinsuk 2007-2021

  • Photographer
    Gang-San Lee
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze in Book / Documentary

The human documentary photo book, YEOINSUK 2007-2021, is a record of people living in “Yeoinsuk,” a traditional Korean lodging facility. In the past, Yeoinsuk was a cheap kind of the inns for the poor travellers, but nowadays it is more used as a dwelling place for the lowest class, of which size is about 1 pyeong(1.8m×1.8m) with no cooling or heating systems at all. I first recorded in July 2007 on black-and-white film, and then has visited, researched and taken photos of the old and traditional Yeoinsuks across the country for over 14 years.

-Photographer in South Korea. -Starting from the 1st exhibition, Human Docu Black-and-White Photos. 1 : Looking at with Heart(2007), gave 6 private exhibitions --Human Docu 2 : Inquire After People (2012), Human Docu. 3 : Mother (2015), Human Docu. 4 : Morning-Glory (2016), Human Docu. 5 : Masters (2019), Human Docu. 6 : Yeoinsook (2021)--and several group exhibitions. -Member of the Writers Association of Korea and the Onbit Documentary Group. -Published Human Docu Black-and-White Photo Collection, Home : A Room on the Land(2017), YEOINSUK(2021).