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Silver 2022 Science / Other

Explore The Everyday World 2

  • Photographer
    Haruka Fujita
  • Prize
    Silver in Science / Other

This is a picture of an ultra-thin bubble on the verge of disappearing. The thickness of the foam film becomes thinner over time. And finally, it becomes an ultra-thin film that even when you touch it, it just feels like a mist. In everyday life, the bubble of soapy water is not something we pay attention in great detail, but in shooting, I carefully set the lighting and environment. Familiar phenomena such as a soap bubble show an astonishing beauty making them a completely new discovery.

With light as one of the main themes and by applying the theory of optics, she breaks preconceptions and explores the possibility of reconstructing a realistic visual experience by fusing different fields of art and science. With interests in phenomena that are ordinary but overlooked like soap bubbles, and things that are invisible but exist for sure in everyday life, she reconsiders the world around us by using expressive media such as photographs, sculptures, installations, and movies.