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Silver 2022 Fine Art / Other

I Am Where I Am

  • Photographer
    Entung Liu
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Other

The work questions the definition of a person’s existence in the new media era during the pandemic and reveals issues of consumerism to the body, the controls of the algorithm, and the blurry boundary between real life and the digital world. The screen in work is the metaphor for heavy reliance on technology, and it becomes a distorted window to observe others and a filtered mirror to reflect on oneself. To imply the loss of identity on the social platform, LIU replaces her head with the pictures on screens, and it creates surreal illusions that question the truth behind the digital utopian.

LIU ENTUNG was born in 1995 in Taipei, Taiwan. As an interdisciplinary artist, ENTUNG’s works explore the intersection of multiple fields: visual art, performance, and technology with various methods like paintings, photography, performances, installations, videos, and sounds. ENTUNG's work is a transparent mirror, which reveals the absurd moments of daily life, and its reflection overlays the invisible issues under the new technology fantasy. Through her art practice, LIU hopes to show the relationships between identification, technology, nature, and life through her works.