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Silver 2022 People / Self-Portrait


  • Photographer
    Gabriela Segura
  • Agency / Studio
    Gabriela Segura Photography
  • Prize
    Silver in People / Self-Portrait

Where does she live? She thought she lived in this world, but she does not. Sometimes her home is not her home and she must go. The world is too small for her and she decided it is ok. What is happening there? Nobody knows if she is fine. She wants to go far and live her life, but her life doesn´t exist -it is just in her mind.

I am an electromechanical engineer, married and a mother of three. In 2015, I began my studies in photography and realized that this was my true passion. Little by little, I left my former job to devote myself completely to photography.Most of my images are self portraits because I want to make my body move as my mind imagines the subject. A lot of my work was born from the sensitivity I developed during my father´s disease. He was in a coma for 7 years -at this time I realized life is short and you never know when our journey will end.