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Gold 2022 Editorial / Personality

Bosnian Knight

  • Photographer
    Amina Hodžic
  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial / Personality

The photos show Sead Delic, the main protagonist of the documentary movie "The Bosnian Knight". These photo were taken on the Bjelašnica mountain in Bosnia during the filming of the film and perhaps in the most authentic way represents the character of both Sead and the Bosnian man from medieval times. The photo shows the authentic mountain conditions of the blizzard that caught the team during the filming of several scenes of the film and to some extent symbolizes the endurance, determination and character, which was shaped and strengthened over time by all the burdens of life in these areas.

My name is Amina Hodzic, Im a 23 year old student from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm into photography since I can remember, last few years especially. It's now not only my hobby, its a passion and a way of living. I love portrait, creative, art and documentary photography.