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Gold 2022 Editorial / Photo Essay

2022 Budapest Foto Awards

  • Photographer
    Panos Chatzistefanou
  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial / Photo Essay

The photos are part of an ongoing project entitled Offline - “You are not connected…” In today’s pictorial society, concentration is scarce due to the inflation of information and choices. On the other hand, the subjects aim at self-realization, diligently their image and experiences on social media. But what happens after “Logout”? When the show for a digital audience end? The project focuses on everyday moments, seemingly trivial, but which hide a reflective mood, making them more personal but at the same time through their own reality allow the viewer to identify with protagonist.

Panos Chatzistefanou (b. 1984) is primarily a self taught photographer who lives and works in Athens, Greece.